Robert O’Brien: President Trump’s Strong Leadership During Coronavirus



  1. OMG another propaganda video paid for buy American tax payers. Dip Shit Donald has made America the absolute most hated country in the world. Fuck Trump and fuck America

  2. Why in god’s name do we care how “great” this fool is? Do you see Obama going on YouTube, making a video about himself? Do you see his WH videos where he talks about how wonderful he is?

  3. thanks for your message – many greetings from Germany !!! all the best for you; for Mr. President and for Amerika 🙂

  4. _The Democrats are looking a very bad option after attacking Trump and making false accusations against Trump and Russia for 4 long years, Russia have have come to America’s aid sending planeloads, tons of uncontaminated medical supplies and are purchasing urgently needed ventilators from America. Badly hurt by the CCP’s synthetic virus released on the world, Russia is absolutely filthy on China. On the flip side the Democrats including Joe Biden and his sons are in bed with the damned CCP._

  5. Those inhuman democrats they laugh and are happy if the govt fails to find solution for this virus issue .. May God bless and help Trump for the good of all people …Amen!!


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