Scott Turner: Executive Director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council



  1. This person is new to me, but I know a winner and a patriot when I see one. Excellent choice, excellent promise lies ahead for many. This crusader will not forget anyone, just like our leader.

  2. The number of unemployed in China is equal total population of the US, any a mayor can corrupt or graft billions USD in tons. Over billion of the poor people can pay less than 1$ for food a day! Devil gangster choosing mating girls in kindergarten. Destroy the communist now.

  3. SleepyJoe , go back to bed. You , Biden do not have the brains/energy Trump has. He runs at full throttle on 4 hrs. sleep.

  4. Can You Help A Real Brother?
    Can you Help a Poor Brother?
    Can You Help Any Brother?
    What have You done?
    You want to Talk???
    I will give you what you don’t have,
    What you can’t Buy.

    Commented on
    Steele on UNRIG, McKinney, Mother of All Landslides
    Right here is a Paramount example of a enemy of the black community right here. Trying to choose black leaders making the decision that we are going to pick this black leader and promote her because it’s best for us. And we’re going to use their issues to push our agenda.
    The one thing you are right about is the that black leaders cannot get anywhere near the president. The people who represent the interests of the black community are totally ignored and shut out. As long as voices like you are around our voices will never be heard. Why is it that the black community in America,
    can’t have alpha black males leading their movement for self-determination? Why do we have to have black women picked by Mr white man from the CIA, and Mr good white man with an accent?
    The destruction of a group’s mind,
    with the ultimate goal being the elimination of that group.
    This whole conversation is about using the black community in America Mr. President

  5. We need to have our credit scores removed from insurance companies
    basing your rate on credit use… or even if we have a good credit
    rating…..but have revolving debt due to being screwed the past 20
    years and still being held back by two major recessions..and never able
    to get ahead…..we need to have relief in insurance industry. I cannot
    get car insurance because the rate DOUBLE EVEN IF you have a good credit
    score..but revolving debt. This makes no sense..I need the lower amount
    to keep ends meeting on a month to month. PLEASE HELP FIX THIS!!!!

  6. HALLELUJAH ✡️💜🖖🏻✡️🖖🏻💜✡️👍🏼🇺🇸👍🏻👌🏼 HALLELUJAH! Amen That’s Right Scott Turner #WeSupportPresidentTrump cause we know the #GreatMission He is doing and all the members of his Administration the many Organization Pro Cleaning and erradicating all works of darkness = injustice and whomever threatens the well being of the People of The United States Of America #MrPresidentTrump – United as One we Received the Victory from Above -Halleluya means Praise YaH – the Name in the Torah of Ha Kadosh Baru Hu is YHVH given to Moshe Rabenu in Shemot book of Exodus chapter # 3! – AND IS ELOHEI YSRAEL – WHO JUSTIFY US – IS ELOHEI YSRAEL WHO RE NEW THE STRENGH – & IS ELOHEI YSRAEL WHO IS THE LORD GOD OF OUR FATHER ABRAHAM FROM WICH EVERY FAMILY AROUND THE WORLD COMES FROM – THAT ORDER US TO BE ” COURAGEOUS AND FULL OF EFFORT CAUSE NO MATTER WERE WE ARE HIS DIVINE PRESSENCE ( שכיות אל ) IS with each soul in this great planet – our vessel earth ! Zillions Blessings love STRENGH and light upon the good people of the United States of America ! This is a New Day of restoration and Manifestation of the Divine Justice!!! Many things we will come to light during this confinament, cause we know “wrong doers” – don’t respect authority or orders !

  7. No other (past) President has given priority to inner cities than Pres. Trump.
    God Bless Scott Turner and the entire administration.


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