The evolution of science and our role in preventing the spread of COVID-19


While science continues to evolve, finding new and better solutions, we need to use the tools and knowledge we currently have to fight COVID-19.
To learn more about COVID-19 and WHO’S response, please visit


  1. Blah Blah Blah. Same Stuff we’ve known for years. Sneeze into your sleeve, stay Home if you’re Sick , and ohh yeah… we get New Viruses We don’t understand Every Year. So PPL Go outside and Play in the Sun, Swim in the Ocean , and Go HUG YOUR FAMILY !!!

  2. Go hard on the info reels please in hopes to influence the masses to acquiesce to the directives of your key funder Billy & his minion Dr.Frankenfauc!.. & who really funded WHO? _Insert old money family name prob blocked from commenting on here_ *

  3. Sars cov2 was never isolated purified or proved contagious, stop lying you shills. The WHO and those who participated in this scamdemic will be tried for crimes against humanity.

  4. There is already a Madagascan cure confirmed to work, ever wondered why 70% of Madagascans have recovered, and there has been no deaths in Madagascar? Me neither, it’s because of the damn herbal remedy they made. But instead of using that, the WHO waits for an expensive cure to come from China so that they get money, off of a pandemic where thousands are dying. Nice job at “preventing” COVID-19, you lying posers.


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