The secret is out: The tobacco industry targets the vulnerable


For decades, the tobacco industry has deliberately employed strategic, aggressive and well-resourced tactics to attract youth to tobacco and nicotine products. Internal industry documents reveal in-depth research and calculated approaches designed to attract a new generation of tobacco users, from product design to marketing campaigns aimed at replacing the millions of people who die each year from tobacco-attributable diseases with new consumers – youth.


  1. Vaping is a damn sight safer than smoking, but due to political reasons, it’s treated the same as smoking.
    Want to save lives? Change this!

  2. I am agree with the decision of WHO
    Keep it up👍and thank you for understanding our (non smoke peoples) problem🙂

  3. Wasn’t tobacco healthy and normal in 50s to end of 70s you hypocrites piece of sh!t. Didn’t doctors normalize it!!!!

  4. Strange that WHO put this out when research in France showed tobacco was helping covid patients and your less likely to get it if you smoke.

  5. It seems the illigal trade in ciggarettes is now legal behind the scenes, its flourishing, good people smoking goodness knows what, what is really going on-?

  6. What on earth is this video? It makes an assertion and then proves zero evidence to substantiate it and no indication of where that evidence might be found.


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