Trabajando juntos, venceremos la coronavirus



  1. The truth is, there is a growing number of Americans in this nation that don’t speak English. That’s why there’s Spanish voter guides. So, this makes sense.

  2. stop promoting social distancing. fascist democrat governors are using it as an excuse to resist opening up our states! more people will die because of the lockdowns rather than the virus. ALL LOCKDOWNS NEED TO END and we need to go back to normal now. Barr, do what you said and start going after the governors!

  3. Plandemic 2020
    Problem. Predict the virus.
    Reaction. Create the virus.
    Solution. Sell cure for the virus.

  4. Me gusta quecnos hable en español… Los latinos como Americanos todos apoyamos a, Ustedes. To Sir with Love! Yes united we. will end this Nightmare, that costs more lives than a war or abortions… I’m an interpreter, whenever needed for bettar understandinds Amigos Forever, like Coca_cola, always…

  5. All racists do not represent President Trump…he doesn’t support illegal immigration, that’s totally different from racism.
    He’s trying to do the best for your country and it’s sad how his own people doesn’t support him. Don’t just listen the FAKE NEWS, do your own job and find the truth.


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