Vice President Pence Visits GE Healthcare



  1. A remarkable disregard to the plight of 30 million Americans who have lost their jobs due to this Martial Law… wtc?

  2. It makes no sense to me that I can go to Walmart and Home Depot but not Hobby Lobby or a clothing store. It is like our government is giving Walmart preferential treatment and we the people are forced to go to these stores if we want to get food and other stuff. Believe me, people are not shopping in Walmart just for food. Our government has ruined lives and livelihoods with their stupidity and un-Constitutional policies. I can social distance at Hobby Lobby just as good as I can at Walmart. I wish all the stores and businesses not allowed to open would sue the hell out of our governments. The federal, state, and local governments are just like communist nut ball countries. The government determined what is “essential” and they are woefully biased, un-Constitutional, and just mean spirited.

  3. So GE workers get the “essential” label too. Screw you President Trump and VP Pence. Apparently, “essential” only applies to those companies the president likes or has friends at. I voted for Trump and think he is a great leader but him not supporting Governor Kemp has really ticked me off. We the people are suffering and it is not from a damn virus. There are way over 300 million people in this country if you include the illegals and the death rate for this virus is very low overall and it mostly kills people with other severe medical conditions. Let those with medical conditions stay locked up, let everybody else out. Don’t force people to leave home, and don’t force people to stay home. Stop giving preferential treatment to grocery stores and home improvement stores.

  4. Kovid 19 l. Millennium flu scam
    We forgot it today, but the world experienced a health crisis very similar to that of 2020: the Hong Kong flu of 1968 which killed not 130,000 people in the world, like the Covid-19 at the mid-April, but well over 1 million, at a time when there were less than 4 billion people on the planet. Half the number today … In France, the same flu of 1968 killed 17,000 people, out of a population of 50 million (compared to 65 million in 2020). That’s to say if the alert was severe.

    However, the health system has not been overwhelmed, we have not confined an entire population to their home, the economy has not stopped, in short, no one thought for a second that a flu, as contagious as it was, was going to cause a planetary economic collapse similar to the crisis of 1929 …. must believe that in 2020 everyone has gone mad .. quickly let’s connect the cink Jay is waiting for us.

  5. Cytokine storms, sun, coronavirus. Kill Covid-19!

    The real pandemic is the pandemic of sunlight deficiency.

    It is sunlight, not warm temperature, which is the great healer.

    Sunlight-> vitamin D ->inhibition of the cytokine storm-> Prevention or stoppage of death from Covid-19.

    A common and dangerous misconception regarding sun exposure and vitamin D: “I don’t need sunshine; I need only vitamin D supplements.”

    This statement shows a lack of knowledge. If we are to use sunlight to ramp up our vitamin D and other healthful photoproducts, we must stop fearing the sun. If we want to shut down the cytokine storm, we must develop a friendly, but careful relationship with sunlight.

    Embrace the Sun by Drs. Marc Sorenson and William Grant.

    Obesity increases the risk of death from Covid-19. It is an inflammatory disease, as is Covid-19. In addition, it appears that a combination of the two can be deadly. This is predictable, because both the cytokine storm and obesity are inflammatory conditions. It is like pouring gasoline on a fire.

    Type-two Diabetes is a major factor for death from Covid-19. Type-one is probably a factor also, but it comprises only 5% of cases. In addition, studies do not exist on the relationship of type-1 to Covid-19. Diabetes, then, is either directly or indirectly associated with the cytokine storm.

    Do not trust a vitamin D capsule to have all the health benefits of sun exposure or other UVB exposure.

    Should we use sunscreens while we sunbathe?

    The simple answer is “no.” If people feel they have had sufficient sun exposure, they should seek shade, cover up or go inside.

    If it were our desire to thwart Covid-19, and halt the cytokine storm, why would we use sunscreens that suppresses vitamin D?

    What have you learned from this article regarding Covid 19, sunlight, vitamin D and the cytokine storm?

    Here is a list:

    This article presented evidence showing that we have the information needed to suppress coronavirus (Covid 19).
    The article explained how the cytokine storm kills persons with coronavirus infection.
    It also discussed the role of sunlight and vitamin D in suppressing the cytokine storm.
    It presented information that non-burning, regular sun exposure is superior to taking a vitamin D capsule.
    The article showed, graphically, the seasonal nature of flu-like diseases.
    This paper showed the efficacy of sunlight for Covid-19, both outside and inside the body.
    The presentation included information on the terrific increase in death among African Americans with Covid 19.
    More lessons learned regarding sunlight and cytokines.
    The information showed the incredibly healthful effects of sunlight both with and beyond vitamin D.
    The presentation exposed the lies and presented the truth about melanoma, to remove the fear of sun exposure for that disease.
    The presentation elucidated the concerns about different skin types, and presented them graphically.
    The paper articulated the truth about sunscreens and explained the best method for preventing damage once one has had sufficient sun exposure.
    It presented the methods for keeping vitamin D levels high in areas of little sunlight and explained methods for surviving winter, when no UVB light exists to produce vitamin D.
    The presentation gave information on obesity, diabetes and heart disease, which are each associated closely to death from Covid-19.
    This discussion presented information that sunscreen use may quash the ability of sunlight to produce vitamin D. This will inhibit the body’s ability to stop the cytokine storm.

    The materials in this paper cover the pertinent facts about Covid-19 and sunlight. However, no one can know all the facts, and this material does not replace your personal health advisors. Consult them before making lifestyle changes.
    Please share this material with your physicians, friends, parents, siblings, social-isolating acquaintances, government entities, social media, regular media, and newspapers. The information contained herein may save their health and our economy. Until then, remember that neither sunlight nor sunbeds are enemies. In fact, they may save your life!
    Happy sunning!


  7. Vice President Pence is going to make a great President to follow President Trump and KEEP AMERICA GREAT…. he has done an outstanding job leading this task force…showing he has the skills, drive and heart to care for this country…and always with the guidance and help from God. Thank you GE work force.

  8. Mike Pence said this week that in a month we should be past the worst parts of Covid-19- by Memorial Day- May 25th. On April 2nd we had 5000 deaths. Today we have 54,000 deaths- thats 49,000 in a month. Will we be at 98,000 in a month? High population cities were hit the hardest- some are slowing some are ramping up still. As this spreads – Factories, Malls…reopen in places, will it be even worse? I’m going to be honest here – I don’t need “hope” I need facts, honesty, real numbers crunched by real experts. We need real Leadership and not reactionary tantrums full of fragile egomaniac filled falsehoods.

  9. No American has been denied a ventilator?
    Not true!
    People have been denied health care because they did not have the “better” “beautiful” health insurance that was promised.
    Because we don’t test, because trump does not want the truth about how many people are infected because of his mishandling of the pandemic, we don’t really know how many have died as a direct result of the virus.
    Republican propaganda.
    Trump propaganda.


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