We Built the Greatest Economy in the World—and Together, We Will Build It Again!



  1. Greatest Economy in the World Still, Let’s not forget -The rest of the world is operating at lower levels too over the wuhun virus. If our economy on day one of the pandemic was not what is was , PPP might not of been possible… So lets give credit for

    OUR Greatest Economy in the World Still, Where it is due, Thank You President Trump!

     The Chinese government is using its influence to coerce nations into

    obedience in exchange for “goodies” they can use to protect themselves
    from the coronavirus pandemic, according to The Australian’s Greg

    In recent weeks China – primarily through its Ambassador to Australia
    Jingye Cheng – has bristled at Australia’s call for an independent
    global investigation into the origins of the virus.

    The Ambassador first threatened a potential consumer boycott on
    Australian exports, and then on Tuesday leaked a private conversation
    with Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Frances

    He told Sky News host Peta Credlin the Chinese Ambassador’s actions
    highlights the “newly belligerent Beijing which we’re seeing from their
    diplomats all over the world”.

    “If you don’t obey then you’ll suffer some penalties, and that’s really
    what they’ve been saying to Australia,” Mr Sheridan said.

  2. Just for FACTS! Republican governors across the USA are selling out their States to Foreign governments, joining Trump and Trumps entire Family. Across the USA, in Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana and Alabama Republican Governors are welcoming the Saudis, Chinese and the Arab Emirates to buy farmland and pump deep water ground wells, using the water for Free, causing local residents and small farms to have no water for their homes and crops, These Republican Governors have gotten ” donations” from these so called ” American Farms” that are owned and controlled by Foreign governments. Trump removed sanctions from China, within 72 hours, after the Gov of China gave Trumps Business $500 Million in loans, Trumps daughter and Son in Law made private profit deals with China, While US Gov employees with a Top Secret Clearance, Trump declared a National emergency in 1 day, to get his business partners, the Saudis, Top Secret US Weapons and Top Secret US Nuclear Technology, STOP supporting a “Party” support the USA! ( Trump removes sanctions from China, within 72 hours, after China gives Trump business $500 Million in loans) https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-zte-order-after-china-gave-millions-to-trump-organization-tied-project-2018-5 (Trumps Business ties to Saudis) https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/trumps-business-ties-to-kingdom-run-long-and-deep (Trump declares a National emergency to get Saudis Top Secret US weapons and Top Secret US Nuclear technology) https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-saudi-arms-idUSKCN1SU25R ( Trump gives Saudis Top secret US Smart weapons)  https://www.theamericanconservative.com/larison/trumps-latest-giveaway-to-the-saudis/  (Trump gives Saudis Top Secret Nuclear Technology) https://www.businessinsider.fr/us/trump-officials-sought-to-help-saudi-arabia-build-nuclear-weapons-2019-2 (Deep wells in Arizona from Saudis, China and other foreign countries) https://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/op-ed/ej-montini/2019/12/16/why-arizona-water-drained-saudi-arabian-farmers/2659993001/ (Trumps Daughter makes Private profit deals with China, during Trumps Trade wars, while a US gov Employee with a Top secret Clearance)   https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/05/28/ivanka-trump-china-approves-13-new-trademarks-3-months/649549002/ ( Jared Kushners $400 Million deal with China) https://www.ibtimes.com/jared-kushners-china-deal-nets-trumps-son-law-400-million-2507686

  3. When will the next White House Coronavirus Press Conference be? I have watched and shared every single one, and they have been very helpful and encouraging.

  4. Compilation of protests across the usa – since Title 18 Section 242 of the U.S. Code of Laws prohibits anyone from denying us of our God-given rights of freedom and liberty, since denying our rights, freedoms and liberties is an Act of War against God, since denying our rights, freedoms and liberties is an attempt to overthrow our government which provides for the imprisonment of these dictators – we ask the DOJ to arrest the deceitful, greedy, lying medical doctors to be arrested, along with their hospital administrators and anyone else involved in this attempted coup – including the guilty governors, majors, police forces, health department officials, CDC officials, Fauci, Birx, etc. – they are ALL guilty of the conspiracy to commit treason – here’s the link to the protests against the lockdowns which are a result the deception inflicted upon us – their criminal fraud upon the public is an act of treason – because we know they have been diagnosing patients with covid-19 when they instead had cancer, heart disease, died from car accidents, etc. Arrest all the corrupt, lying, thieving, deceiving doctors, hospital administrators, health department officials, all the guilty governors, guilty mayors, guilty police chiefs, etc. – because they have no right to deny us the freedoms that were given to us by God and reinforced by our forefathers in our Constitution and in our Code of Laws – thank you:


  5. what the hell are you taking about built a great economy? 30 million still dont have health insurance. 3 million kids drop out of high school. terribly high rate of the families are divorced. Drugs are everywhere. You can’t walk down the street safely at night in many areas. Hate and fear are growing. Scams and ripoffs are growing. The value of the dollar buys less and less. You wasted 25-30 trillion with no end in sight no real plan or care to pay it back. Social security is going broke. There are 300 million guns in our country. Kids cant afford a good college education. We have gambling, bars, junk food, bombared with sexual images and violence all day, can’t trust the news, injustice, citizens can’t afford lawyers and the lawyers dont give a rats ass about justice only money. We are losing our freedoms year after year. This society NOT great it is Sick, Evil and horrible! Our leader is an insulting, misleading, cruel, clown who only cares about his tv show.

  6. Watch the hands President Trump. I’ve bent a avid supporter— but have one EYe open. Barr ELS of Energy mean sooo many things……..and YOU know what we mean

  7. Dear American ~ Please keep an eye on South Korea’s heavily ripped national election by the ruling socialist-democrats and Moon Jae In. It is not just another story from another world. This manipulated election can be taken in America on the presidential election. Please have an interest on the white house petition (https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/petition-south-korea-elections-rigged-deliberately-ruling-party-and-moon-jae) and move together to save South Korea, one of true conservative ally of America on the far east region, from the socialists enemies of China and North Korea and their espionage.

  8. To all free Patriots in America and all over the World: Please save and free us…the German Nation,the People….inform the World about the truth of World War 1and 2…please help us…WWG1WGA….I am a poor little light ,but if you don’t see the injustice, our souls are lost, please free us…the German Nation is not the bad Aggressor that all Medias pray since over 70 years ….you know the truth,tell it the whole World….the Truth…..Save our Souls….I am Martin Keller ,52 years old,Rheinland-Pfalz (Germany)

  9. I could pull the plug out of the rent on that platform 107. That platform you use to terrorize me indeed. You’ve lost the battle and will leave your fucking rural city with inbred losers who won’t show themselves because they are su su su scared, empty handed. Fucking idiots. So they will be losers again left empty handed. Nothing to climb up against, absolutely nothing, nothing to leech on. And no more meaning, except to be rejected.


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