WHO Principal Legal Officer Steven Solomon – WHO COVID-19 Daily Press briefing on 11/05/20


WHO Principal Legal Officer Steven Solomon replying to a question from a journalist at the WHO Daily Press briefing on COVID-19 from the 11th of May 2020.

Full press conference can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/v39Re7kzOpQ

More information on WHO’s COVID-19 Response (and version of this press conference with interpretation in six UN languages)


  1. WHO are corrupt. Citizens DIDN’T elect you all to govern us! Bill Gates can take a hike. If people had known that 2 weeks of sacrificing to ‘flatten the curve’ would of resulted in losing their jobs, sacrificing their freedom then they would NEVER had agreed to this mess. This was done for a false-theory based pseudo-science by that hypocrite Neil Furgerson, he was wrong multiple times, & non-locked countries & states proved that the expected deaths were drastically wrong. Citizens must decide for their own self & family as to what is best. We are not in the same boat. We are in the same storm…but we ARE NOT in the same boat! This one approach for all is getting old, and causing so much devastation, more than the actual virus!

    There’s only so long a lockdown can be plausible effective without unwinding everything else even with us all complying.

    Besides, when the rights of a few override the rights of the majority, then democracy isn’t at play.

    The government isn’t formed to decide for the majority of citizens, it is there to facilitate the rights & the constitution for those citizens in which it embodies.

    Citizens aren’t kids, they’re adults that are capable & have to ultimately deal with their own lives & be responsible for it – not the state.

    The point of the lockdown wasn’t to STOP the infection, (that’s impossible without testing kits), it was to SLOW it down to avoid the hospitals being overwhelmed if we all got it in unison.

    Also Billionaires are loving this lockdown.. Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bill Gates (Vaccines), Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Corporations swallowing up small business, & more.

    The constitution must NEVER be deemed non-essential even in an pandemic. It is the only thing that protects citizens from an overreach of government! This is more dangerous than the virus. And we can isolate the vulnerable without forcing the entire society in a sinking Titanic! Different models are needed in unison for the various levels of society.

    My concern is the other aspects this is having in skyrocketing statistics – domestic violence, opioid increases, depression, suicide, child abuse, homelessness, addiction relapses, increased poverty & more! This is collective suicide!

    So I think the hospital unpreparedness is an issue among a sea of others, and this is collective suicide! Let alone the over-reach of government when you switch off the mainstream corporate media & look at things through independent media.

    Also there have been nurses & doctors discuss publicly how the deaths are wrongfully being classified as corona deaths, and in so many presumed to have corona virus.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there is no virus or anything like that. I’m just saying we have a huge inaccuracies with the figures & even the website admits that the cases are presumed. Don’t rely on the corporate media, they have a set agenda by the billionaires that own them, and they is divide & rule. Unite America. The world is watching. Look past the smoke & mirrors & think critically…

  2. In other words, China bought enough countries off. Probably Latin America-China has a lot of influence there and the citizenry has third-grade educations. This is pathetic. I pray China tries to invade Taiwan. At that point, the strong nations will punch Chiba in the mouth and 1.5 billion communists begin to starve.

  3. Don’t understand why Taiwan uses this as a way to make a scene. Please shut up when the pandemic is happening. Focus on the importance. And no one cares. What if New York wants to be an independent state because America doesn’t control this better ? Do all the internet people still support that ?

  4. Whole World give fund’s to WHO for its wellness but WHO uses whole fund to ensure that how could CHINA be well and happy with him………

  5. The WHO and Communist China must be held accountable in every way for allowing this “virus” to spread around the globe and all the sabotage and destruction and mass deaths they caused and created. The world did NOT elect these “officials” at the WHO or the UN either and the HUMAN population has had enough of this giant globalist shit-show! Cram the scams, hoaxes, BS and propaganda; you “people” are a f’ing abomination!

  6. Mr. Solomon –
    [a] let the names of all such china complicit countries be known to the world.
    [b] has who taken your opinion for the fraud on world
    [c] do you advocate for the world or who or china

  7. You people are responsible for this pandemic.. Do you know you people are responsible for so many deaths.


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