WHO: Why should I get vaccinated?


Without vaccines, we are at risk of serious illness and disability from diseases
like measles, meningitis, tetanus and polio. In today’ interconnected world, infectious diseases easily cross borders, infecting anyone who is not vaccinated. Get vaccinated on time, every time. #VaccinesWork for all is a campaign of the World Health Organization for the World Immunization Week.

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  1. Traditional medicines cures Coronavirus in 48hours. Many are getting cured in China, South Korea and India. WHO is useless. WHO is an organisation works for pharma and related companies. WHO loses its shine everywhere. To get rid of Coronavirus – Don’t listen to WHO

  2. a moneygreedy trash company who shits on the well being of humans shouldnt be the ones to explain something, when the only thing you do is lying. its obvious that theres a political background here and that you plan something else with this vaccination, especially since its incredibly stupid to get a vaccination for something thats even less harmful than a simple flu, for which you also dont get a vaccination…

  3. Go out get some sun and exercise that’ll help anybody don’t listen to these corrupt psychopaths who want to pump you with poison

  4. I love vaccines. Maybe a significant amount of anti vaxxers will die from COVID-19, so we won’t have to hear their BS as much anymore? Unfortunately, they will burden the healthcare system when tons of them get hospitalized after refusing the vaccine. Such a sad world we live in. Tons of information at your fingertips and still so much willful ignorance.

  5. seriosly? after all the world is a mess? now comes vacination.. please , stop thinking we people are like child, with that stupid music…

  6. ‘why should you get vaccinated? because the CHO is not going to stop the spread of the virus so you should ignore them. still wasting money i see

  7. WHO, just want you to know, My father died from the CCP Virus. I blame you! One simple question???? Is China allowing you to go into Wuhan to investigate? IF NOT! Than what function do you have if you not even allowed to go there!!!!!! At least admit that China is not allowing you and exclude them from WHO! And allow Taiwan to enter since they are at least cooperative. They not killing the world like China is. And if you not doing that than you are for sure taking money under the table and all the governments and Interpol should investigate you and charge you for multiple manslaughter. You preferred money over your job which is to keep the world healthy. You all top executives should be investigated. Those that are honest among you. Quit the WHO and come clean and we can forgive you. …….

  8. Tedros must resign for failures. Find the origin of CCP Virus & the world would get the truth! Until such time Ban all china trade & commerce. sue the CCP for global downturn and loss of lives.


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