“You Will Be Leading the Way” | President Trump’s Message to 2020 Graduates



  1. Ann Coulter was an early and strong supporter of Trump.   “The Washington Times” recently reported
    she is now “calling him, among other things a “retard,” a “moron,” and someone who can’t even pretend to be a “decent, compassionate human being.””    Trump is slowly and surely becoming unmasked for the type of person he truly is, even by members of his right-wing base.

  2. The MASS MEDIA INDUSTRY together with their partners in crime from the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION under the supervision of the COMMUNIST PARTY from RED CHINA actually CREATED the FEAR FACTOR about the overrated CORONA VIRUS that they were saying all the time…was very CONTAGIOUS and NO CURE yet…meaning “you are going to DIE and that is for sure”.

    Actually…when the MASS MEDIA INDUSTRY proudly reported that many CELEBRITIES were tested POSITIVE for the VIRUS like MRS. TRUDEAU…BORIS JOHNSON…

    Giving the complete ALLUSION that those CELEBRITIES that tested POSITIVE will soon be in VENTILATORS and will be a included in the very LARGE NUMBER of DEATH STATISTICS that up to that time were still composed of UNKNOWN and NAMELESS VICTIMS being reported every second by the entire MASS MEDIA EVERYWHERE.

    By putting the CELEBRITIES in the EQUATION of the future DEATH STATISTICS…the FEAR FACTOR really intesified.

    People still remember CELEBRITIES like ROCK HUDSON and LIBERACE that was KILLED by the AID VIRUS…
    therefore like what the renowned pseudo scientist named DR. TONY FIASCO had been saying all the time…the CORONA VIRUS can KILL everybody.

    Since CORONA VIRUS can KILL everyone RICH or POOR…
    CELEBRITIES or NOBODY…it really FORCE government leaders all over the WORLD to officially imposed a total LOCK DOWN and QUARANTINED their entire POPULATION.

    Depriving PEOPLE their BASIC FREEDOM to even WALK OUT of their HOUSES just to BREATHE some FRESH AIR.

    Even all the CHURCHES…TEMPLES
    …MOSQUES and SYNAGOGUES suddenly CLOSED their DOORS to WORSHIPPERS who were seeking some sort of MIRACLE or DIVINE INTERVENTION against the CONTAGION.

    But up to NOW…the overrated and much dreaded CORONA VIRUS have yet to KILL a SINGLE CELEBRITY or POLITICIANS or WELL KNOWN ATHLETES including those tested POSITIVE.


  3. Thanks to President Trump for this inspiring message to this new generation. ” You can accomplish anything that you want”.

  4. Wonderful! Thank you, Mr President and First Lady! What a gift to these young people that I trust they will NEVER forget or take for granted.

  5. What a moron lol he had the nerve to follow Obama’s speech lmao 😂 he is such a clown. He will NEVER EVER COMPARE TO OBAMA. To any Americans watching this and enjoying it I have one single question for you…how do you watch a man like Obama speak, then watch this BLOTUS speak and think to yourselves, “yes, this president is the best!” Lmfao I guess what they say about his supporters demographics are true. There is no conceivable way to be an intellectual human being and a supporter of Trump. The willful idiocy and lack of class, intelligence, and integrity all goes hand in hand.

  6. Amen I see less and less of the younger generation do anything of them self.malso noticed where are the babies they are selling them.. this last time I was incarserated I over heard on of the girls saying they could get 10,000.00 for a blue eyed child

  7. How many children became autistic today how many children became autistic this week how many children became autistic this year how many children became autistic last year.? Isn’t it funny they weren’t born that way what do you think could be causing it is it something they’re eating is it genetics are they evolving like the monkeys involved into the humans are they going to evolve in another type of being is this just the way nature goes or could it have been manipulated by men possibly through the use of the vaccines yes I think that’s it isn’t it funny that the people that make the vaccines make the medication that the children need when they become autistic very convenient for the companies involved don’t you think but boy not convenient for the parents or the teachers that have to deal with the autistic children can you imagine your bubbly two-year-old all the sudden vacant staring off empty Soul less.like And knowing you were the one that let the person stick that needle in your happy bubbly baby’s arm.The number of autistic children seem to be growing and growing every year can we stop this epidemic?


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