06/17/20: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing


The White House


  1. He carries complete nonsense. ” Also, according to Bolton, Pompeo claimed that “the likelihood of Trump’s diplomacy with respect to North Korea is zero.”

  2. レジ袋有料化急に何にも説明なしで
    大統領 何とかしてくれ
    イージスアショア停止するなよ ミサイル付けて発射するようにしとけ
    この馬鹿日本政府 霞が関 ほんとどいつもこいつも
    狂ってる 日本守る気 ゼロ

  3. Jim: you should be smart enough to know rallying for the sitting president is a protest in favor of the MAGA agenda for ALL Americans, it’s a protest in favor of what he’s done in the past four years including first step, low unemployment, high employment, the covid-19 response, making NATO countries pay their share and so on.

  4. Good job Kayleigh, especially when using biblical inferences, just like Sarah Huckabee, praying you can keep your strength dealing with these hypocrites!🙏🙏

  5. It sounds like the media has plans to spread the virus at the rally deliberately. So they want Trump to take responsibility.

  6. The vision of the anointed — with Thomas Sowell
    Thomas Sowell discusses his newest book, Intellectuals and Race

  7. I think someone with an actual voice needs to look in to the George Floyd’s funeral. I seen a video of a stil picture. But he attended his own funeral. Please follow up on that.

  8. Why do we care about the number of cases? If next to no one is dying from this, it means this is just another cold. Let’s test the entire country for influenza and compare the number of people ,cases, who are asymptomatic spreading influenza which kills hundreds of thousands of people.

  9. What educational level.are these reporters? They do not even understand case numbers, which are meaningless, naturally will go up if you run more tests.

  10. Kayleigh Jesus Christ, the only one true God, has gifted you with extreme patience and strong clear speech.

  11. There is still freedom of choice….we let people risk their lives every day by letting them drive, sky dive, bungee jump, smoke cigarettes, or worst of all go to see a medical doctor as we know that field kills 250,000 plus per year BY ERRORS. This is a far greater risk than the Corona virus artificial crisis.

  12. Glad we have the Rt pres in charge, jot the best, not that I have seen best, besides Ronald Reagan, this one has common sense n is very patriototic

  13. Acosta: Will Trump take responsibility for infecting the many senior citizens with comorbid conditions who have been seen attending his past rallies when they attend this upcoming rally because I’m assuming everyone knows that it’s mandatory now apparently for EVERYONE to go to Tulsa?
    Kayleigh: Umm… We think people have brains. Next question!

  14. So….after the rally tonight would it shock anyone if a large number of people end up testing positive?? If someone by the likes of Jim Acosta is pushing so much ‘concern’ and emphasise on whether President Trump would take responsibility on a potential outbreak…..I wouldn’t put it past em’ that they’d do ANYTHING to make it a reality!!!! These lefty lunatics are bat sh*t crazy!! They have one goal and that is to take our beloved President down. They have no morals. They have no care or concern for America or the people in it!!!! This whole ‘backwards world’ and ‘wrong is right’ and the constant spreading of their evil and destructive behaviors has got to stop!!!! We need to start standing up and stop allowing this to happen. I don’t know what exactly to do…..(besides the obvious voting answer) but aren’t you all fed up?? Aren’t you all sick and tired of putting out the flames so to speak??? I am!!! I’m afraid the more we put up with…..the more they are going to take and tare down!!!

  15. Why is this the only footage of this stream where she’s not muted when responding to Jim? Is it because her answer actually puts him in his place? She does answer his question. He brought up the morality of the protests, so she answered by applying the same morality to the rallies. They are the same, so hold both to the same standards.

  16. Also, Kayleigh didn’t go back to that man’s question about masks. Are masks mandatory in the White House or not Kayleigh?

  17. These damn reporters, ask such stupid questions, especially about our President Trump’s Rallies, when, the People have a Aba God Given Rights to choose for themselves whether or not they should wear masks and gloves and other protection, so it’s not for the News Media to ask such stupid questions, all the people who are attending our President Trump’s Rallies know what the risk are before they go to any!!! So, why should our President Trump be held responsible for the People who has made the choice to attend and our President’s Trump’s Rallies when he has left choices up to the People, as it should be, Known as Liberty, which the News Media doesn’t believe in!! The mask are a sign of fear!! Destroying trust amongst all People of these united States of North America, this is what this Chinese Virus has been doing, also changing our Nation’s culture is apart of this Political Agenda, by the Ass Party and the Rhinos of the Republican Party all for their Crazed Lust for Power and Control over everything and everyone’s lives in a One World Government!! Have a great evening!! Happy Father’s Day!! 😡😠😏🇺🇸

  18. Media is CRAZY!! I thought that we lived in America. The land of the free. Why should the President or the government TO ANY DEGREE be responsible for people getting sick. THAT should be an individual’s decision to make. If you attend a rally…you take your OWN agency into your OWN hands whether you get sick from ANYTHING. We as Americans should be responsible for OUR OWN DECISIONS as to whether we go into public places or not. Last time I checked, nobody’s attending ANY large gathering by force. READ THE CONSTITUTION!!! READ THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE!! Learn accurate history behind America and how it came to be so great!! These are the documents by which this country became great!

  19. Kayleigh: “Masks are recommended, but not required in the white house”
    Also Kayleigh: “We are taking every measure possible”

    Which one is it…?

    Whole lot of meaningless words.

  20. As every time , your on the tone and truth. Thank you so much . God bless you more and POTUS and America. We receive the same.

  21. Clearly, I will never be able to do her job, cause I will just ask that lowlife DBag jim to F-Off. How she holds her cool, is amazing! Well done @KayleighMcEnany #KayleighMcEnany👌🏼

  22. Young lady I am very impressed with you. I have never seen a press secretary so prepared in my lifetime. I love that you maintain a good reaction. You show no anger and you do not let them go you. That is cool quite a blessing. You can see that you are very prepared in all subject matters. I love that you are so articulate. You are a diamond. May God bless you always.

  23. What sack of lying shit. She’s not even convincing. #1 requirement of a press sec…be convincing. One jerkoff after another tumbling into Trump’s abyss. Future Hannity show-warmer.


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