07/06/20: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing


The White House


  1. they never did this to Obamas press secretary’s. The slimey snides are just political hacks , not professional journos , farthest thing from it . they are beyond embarrassing

  2. Today’s reporters LEAD the ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE!!! For crying out loud, LET’S GET RID OF THESE LOSERS!!! They’ve OBVIOUSLY either been bitten by poisoned spiders or drank poisoned koolaid. Either way, they’re no longer relevant but they’re VERY SICK and PROGRAMMED against America! They’re no better than TERRORISTS as far as I’M concerned!!! Let’s GET RID OF THEM AND GET REAL ONES WHO LOVE AMERICANS!!! If anyone WITH me?

  3. Bubba is the root of this issue. He race bait the media – and the felt for it. President Donald Trump inexplicably asked NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace on Monday to apologize to other drivers for a “hoax” after a noose was found in his racetrack garage. Investigators said the noose had been there since at least October ― before Wallace was using the stall ― and that it was used to pull the garage door down.

  4. @20:26 .. her questions is great, tha answer is so wrong!! Why on earth would the rest of the world look at your (currently) messed up country as a leader? The #USA is a freaking yet very sad comedy show where your fellow Americans keep loosing their lives in the most unnecessary way possible. No one (is n my opinion) should be looking at your country as a leader.. the only thing you currently lead is cases and deaths regarding #covid and that’s about it.
    Greeting’s from germany (with an openend economy)…

  5. It breaks my heart that those little children are no longer with us this country really needs to put things into perspective those children’s lives matter those children’s lives that are in the mother stomach’s matter all lives matter that is not a racist statement it is a statement that should be heard around the world all lives matter

  6. I love you killed just know you awesome. Thank You for what you do and how you show women power all I can say thank. You not. Lot. Of. People say thank you and say how. Awesome. You are because you’re a woman and American say women and man are equal in this country!!!! Don’t see that, but just know I pray for you everyday am.so.proud to be a woman thank. You thank you

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