07/23/20: President Trump Holds a News Conference


The White House


  1. So China is going broke because of tariffs to USA and quickly came up with a great plan to turn that whole thing around quick huh?? Same old Globalist Trick . Create a massive Problem and step in as ”The Savior” with the $ Remedy $! Isn’t it convenient for China that they are now selling the, soon to have, vaccine to the world for Billions and Billions of Dollars.Total Corrupt Bulllshit?? Sounds Like an Act of War ” to Me!!

  2. The UK really needs a ‘sign’ from the President, telling us the U.K. (Boris) is in on ‘the Plan’. If he’s not, the U.K. is doomed!!

  3. America, we need prayers badly.
    Pres. Trump means well, but now that he’s advocating masks, something the enemy does, God will take over. God will win.
    It’s about to go down.

    He will be re-elected, then, after I am taken, the world as you know it now, will completely change.

    I know he doesn’t believe, & won’t believe what I have just said, but he left God.

    A person had a vision of Pres. Trump arguing with an old lady. Pointing at her saying, Truth! Truth!.
    I’m assuming now, he means, ‘No, I’m going to fight & I’m going to win! AND THAT IS THE TRUTH!’

    Well, as long as he was fighting ‘WITH’ God, HE COULDN’T POSSIBLY LOOSE! It was God who gave him the VICTORY!

    But now, it appears he is fighting against God, & with the enemy.

    He WAS the best Pres. We ever had. He was fighting for America & with God.

    But I say, no, there is NO ARGUING here. He will continue on this path, away from God.
    I accept it, that’s what he will do. Not that it’s right, but that’s his thought process.
    I will take it 1 day at a time, & wait for God to intervene.
    These are Propesies I have received.
    As long as I am alive, he is safe.
    It’s a horrible thing to say, but after I’m taken up into Heaven, he will be assassinated. More events will happen that will start WWIII. God will intervene & many will be taken up into Heaven. That’s the rapture.

    But it will happen, because he left God.
    Those who are left behind, do not fear, you will continue on with your life. There will be 1000 yrs. Of true Peace. We are at the door of Rev. 20. & a Great Chastisement.

  4. Thank you mr President Trump !! Your. Love for the people and especially our children! You speak TRUTH and protection for all people.. 🙏 ❤

  5. It is called the coronavirus. You might think you are hurting China government by calling it the China virus but you are not. The only people you are hurting are Asian Americans. Hate crimes against asian people have gone up since you started calling the coronavirus the China virus. You are a fake president.

  6. I’m living in Mexico but Born and Raised in Michigan and Proud of that!!! and in All the Years of Watching the Corruptness that has Plagued the USA..I can say, after reading between the lines of People…I Vote TRUMP 2020!!!!

  7. This is probably the most coherent press conference I have ever seen Trump host.
    I am not a fan of Trump, but damn do I not like Biden. I mean seriously, of all the experienced and competent candidates the American people could have chosen to represent the Democratic Party, why did it have to be Biden? Almost every other democratic candidate on that stage a year ago would have been a fine choice in that one could be confident in their basic mental competence and in their experience in government. Biden was a mess from the get go, and he has only gotten worse since. Yet the nominee the American people crave for is apparently a 77 year old man who struggles to deliver a coherent message and is probably suffering from at least a mild case of dementia. I just want a president who is competent and relatively experienced in government. Is that really so much to ask?

  8. They think the American because almost 1 year, I king of my queen of Singapore can travel to USA ,TUN Nik royal my armylike me to explain annow before war .and now because I send tourist until now they think I already buy because they in Malaysia try to make me and my king royal Elayne johor start hijacking other..and crazy people try today they win and AnOkayama sumpah.to wait and say patient until Prime Minister president Singapore win anywdumps because they enjoy what I usiNo and they take what the police report from government USA and t, I complain what I buy petronas from white they say fake Letter to white because inside now say patient until hijacking because they think they Because they until now .they ducked until now say they think I will give back and try to play now want make because you already won they cannot conquer..because they try to because.now my patient I not no more because I want to open my creation USD 20 trillion Dollar and they now I know I upgraded Singapore dollar always try to stupid me in Malaysia and others rules because they think I will increase s Malaysia ringgit like they stupid me 3 time and travel around now they blacklisted try to say what I increase USAdollar without agreement. Now Singapore dollar different USD 39 Cent they think they can disturb because the loser and others certain think.. Others try to make the most wanted list. And other s person Cent let the and othersi include,because singapore stealing because they lost in politic complete and they know my. What my Singapore and the blacklistedcpersi to and otherv Try to hold agreement Singapore dollar and always almost one year they change in others supercomputer in Malaysia almost 1 years and n make Singapore currency fake because if others person n. Try to change from last year iyiuveon and try to make fake this year USA election. And try to stupid me again because others person got bad agenda Because Mr, Customer, Mr DAROA and others before and USS embassy. Before fix the problem they think I still got debt.because my control center for They dfir my king of Singapore palacewhe.theyy try to sent back because. They all Fucking And others like they actt my workand private from Chinese company and private from Europe tourist not from selected gov try to hold me again o Arab person because they force my airlines, stewardess, my Malaysia airlines. And try to say what the second patent and future fighter jet not from you try to say me king of Singapore left YSA because they stupid only my approval and white before this now try to Blake Bali like they all future fighter jet. Try t make now I didn’t have money because they got others agenda the person they hijacking world veto box.Still disturbing I writing because they didn’t want to know the truth.

  9. الرىيس،ترامب مساء الخير….. يجب أن ينسحب كل المرتزقه من اارض ليبيا الدين يقصفون تحت مبرر انهم يدعمون الحكومه الشرعيه لا،توحد،حكومه شرعيه على ارض ليبيا من ثلات،سنين منتهيه صلاحيته الوفاق على أرض لبيا يجب الكل ينسحب من،أرض ليبيا،وتشكل حكومه جديده شرعيه على أرض لبيا ….

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  12. Where is Fauci? Fuck this liar. What a disaster. Where is the task force? What a hypocrite. This fas ass Trump held maskless rallies that increased the virus. When did the electorate become so STUPID!?

  13. Every action of President Trump is really for the benefit of the American people, and the despicable the liberal media does not tell people the truth.

  14. Just stop, Trump. We know it wasn’t your idea to cancel the convention. You were strongly urged to do so. And enthusiasm? Yes there is extreme enthusiasm to get you OUT of the White House!

  15. I am so tired of teachers indoctrinating our kids. That is a misuse of their authority. Our kids do not know our heritage at all, they are just angry at the US.

  16. People be saying that this is hitting hard for only people of color bc they are trying to kill us but honestly even if that was true it also has ALOT to do with the way we EAT as well and the way we take cars of ourselves! They don’t have all these fast food restaurants and liquor stores near our neighborhoods for no reason! Wake up America! ( I just had some mc dononalds fries yesterday tho ) 😅 nah but really we should stay away from those places

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    Where is my cash TRUMP?. Tick tock! 😉 He he.

  18. Good job PRESIDENT TRUMP!! We appreciate and understand your efforts ♥️ Perhaps an outdoor event would be wonderful?! Don’t forget to be careful about supporting vaccines. Most Patriots don’t trust them. Shouldn’t we get the truth about masks and especially for children gets out? It’s very dangerous for them and they have been proven not to be a risk factor to adults or each other.

  19. Our daughter is a school teacher and she is anxious to get back to class with her students with no mask mandates.

  20. Mr President please know if someone will share this information with you. Students that are not willing to learning is not up to in person or at home. So as you have stated in the past Mr President students are not learning in the public school system. But is not the system is the will of the individual students. So more money for the individual student will not help the student or the parents.



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