A Message from Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Pottinger



  1. 希望美国的年轻人能够觉醒,学习五四精神,拿起你们手中的枪,武力推翻这个危害美国人民生命安全,不断给世界制造战乱和灾难的美国政府!

  2. This message is addressing to every individual on the planet world. Complaining to China Government and also to the Chinese in mainland. As those Chinese on-line soldiers are not fluent in English. This putonghua message is more direct.

  3. Dr. Li Wenliang was such a person: a CCP 50cent troll for life. OK now why don’t you just shut your self-contradicting mouth and start enjoying COVID-19 in your country.

  4. 博明你好,我是台灣人,我必須對你說中共高層就是一群惡棍;20世紀初國民黨統治中國大陸的時候,知識分子尚且能夠自由的在媒體上批評國民黨的施政,一些國民黨高官也因為輿論批評而引咎辭職;現在的中共高層連人民自由的批評政府施政都不允許;而且蔣氏父子雖然專制獨裁,但也不是毫無道德底線,比如說國民黨逃到台灣以後,當時有國軍高階軍官假借職務對人民騙財騙色,’蔣介石得知此事後勃然大怒,立刻下令槍斃那名軍官給社會一個交代;而到了1980年以後,國民黨對社會的控制也逐漸放寬,當時所有中學和小學都在訓練民主投票這件事情,對於民進黨的非法成立也是睜隻眼閉隻眼假裝沒看見

  5. Does the English language sound as fucked up to the chinese as the chinese language sounds to english speaking people?Just curious .Why did they hide the plandemic?

  6. The May 4th Movement took place on May 4th, 1919 in Beijing. It was dominated by young students, with the participation of the broad masses, citizens, businessmen and other classes, through demonstrations, petitions, strikes, violence against the government, etc. The patriotic movement in the form of a form is a patriotic movement of the Chinese people who completely opposes imperialism and feudalism, and is also known as the “May Fourth Storm”.
    The reason: During the First World War, European powers had no time to look around. Japan took the opportunity to intensify its aggression against China and seriously damaged China’s sovereignty. The anti-Japanese sentiment of the Chinese people is increasing day by day. The failure of Chinese diplomacy at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 triggered the great May 4th Movement. He mentioned the May 4th Movement in his speech, but what the May 4th Movement opposed was the imperialist countries represented by the United States so pitiful😝

  7. None of Chinese give a damn fuck!
    He needs to do more research about Chinese history
    No disrespect to this guy!! Nice try!

  8. Mr. Pottinger, so much gratitude to you. God bless America! God bless you! Looking forward to the day when we, every people, have no any fear to speak freely.

  9. Awesome! Take that, Commie Parasites.
    Few Americans realize our Declaration of Independence was a Declaration of War. Our Forefathers prepared to kill and die for Freedoms. The Chinese have to decide.

  10. Your Chinese is amazing. But regarding democracy, I have a different view from you. What is the minority obeying the majority? Who is the minority? Such democracy is the tyranny of the majority against the minority. I think the most precious asset left by President George Washington to the United States and the world is not democracy but republic. I study less and don’t understand democracy and republic. But when I read the second grade reading materials of American elementary school, I understood the Republic. Republic is to ensure that everyone’s rights are not violated. Can democracy change the caste system in India? As a final statement, the democracy and republic I said have nothing to do with the current Democratic Party and Republican Party.

    In a speech, it is best not to use contradictory materials. No one has only one side, so is Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong promoted the transformation of Chinese characters, hoping to simplify the Chinese characters so that everyone could read and write. It was Mao Zedong who made “the coolies, mafoos [stable boys], chauffeurs, barbers, shop boys, hawkers, hunters, loafers, vagabonds, [etc.]” to read and write. Mao let them become “literate” and wanted them “to take part in politics as well as the University students”. Mao even made a peasant the deputy prime minister of China in order to let the top level of the country to hear the voices of the people at the bottom. Mao has fought “elite chauvinism” all his life.

  11. 中文口语还可以,其他的就算了。灯塔不在。借用最近看到的两位网友看法:“飽暖思淫欲,群衆不但是非理性的,而且是自私短視的。美國紅脖子喜歡玩槍,不在乎每年死上幾萬人;中國網民喜歡放嘴炮,不在乎撼動社會基礎。所以我一直覺得雖然自由是人性,卻沒有資格算是普世價值;這裏的問題不在於“普世”,而在於“價值”,……所以就如同貪婪一樣,也是人性,但不算價值。” 还有一个:“丘吉尔的政见是保守打底,有自由色彩,大体是开明精英主义。“我支持民有、民享,但不支持民治。” ”

  12. “张扬” 五四精神。。。这位洋人学说中文的精神还是值得张扬的。在下很开心的。



    这位操京腔的本意为 – 鹬蚌之争 渔人获利
    借刀杀人 居心叵测

  13. Nice propaganda, man. We won’t buy it because we know who you are. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/matthew-pottinger-faced-communist-chinas-intimidation-as-a-reporter-hes-now-at-the-white-house-shaping-trumps-hard-line-policy-toward-beijing/2020/04/28/5fb3f6d4-856e-11ea-ae26-989cfce1c7c7_story.html

    China indeed needs changes, yet you American better mind your our business. It’s your country started Iraq War, Afghanistan War, The Arabic Winter and destroyed our Embassy using missles! No one believes that politicians like you care more about us the Chinese people than our government. Lol, still, nice try dude.

  14. I appreciate it very much as a Chinese, thank you for the brave speech. Either ur intention is for propaganda or freedom , I don’t care, as long as it’s moving and respect us. Cheers! It truly touch my deep down, especially the Chinese history u mentioned….we need freedom and brevity to fight and we need our traditional 54 spirit, thank you again.

  15. Li Wen Liang a member of the Chinese Communist Party and he was eager to go back to the clinic after recovery. His family was supported well as the dependant of martyrs.

  16. It may be more ‘effective’ if this video was released in March or February …..but now? are you kidding me????? ……well, idk what does this sentence mean! “狼子野心,信不污哉!”

  17. 鲁迅:墨写的谎言,决掩不住血写的真实。 Lies written in ink can never disguise facts written in blood. – Lu Xun

  18. As a Chinese who live the most life in the western countries( France Canada USA)I have to say there are good points and bad points of democracy and autocracy. Both of them.


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