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  1. Dear President Mr. Trump and Vice President Mr. Mike Pence
    For the care of the operators of this site.
    Please, inthe name of Jesus Christ, read the denouncing letter that I am attaching
    through a link on my OneDrive cloud, as we are in a state of biological warfare
    and we are also being invaded by a foreign government that has been infiltrating
    our countries in the last 50 years or more without our realizing it, but now
    they have created a murderous and criminal pandemic and a false crisis that
    will destroy the economies of the entire world, so we need to declare a state
    of war in our country and close the congress and arrest the Supreme Court Judges
    who made an agreement with the NWO and the UN and the World Parliament, which
    since 2000 has been trained in India, in the city of Lucknow, at the Montessori
    School under the command of the NWO and the Illuminates and all members of this
    satanic movement anti-god anti-Christ, for that is what it is all about, taking
    power in the world and putting it in the hands of religious satanists while we
    are forbidden to preach the Truth contained in the Word of God and in all the
    Probable Science that exists in the world.

    This the link of the OneDrive file:

    Kind regards. appreciate

    Roberto Knudsen

    Earth Restoration Minister

    Attorney of the United States of Christ

  2. Good job I hope she isn’t like Publix supermarket
    They employ those with disabilities as animal labor and probably get government help so it doesn’t cost anything
    The cashiers are forced to promote donations at the register as well as risk their lives doing the work of the US Dept of the Treasury checking for counterfeit bills
    Along with denying bags to customers, it’s no wonder they are bitter.


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