CO Governor On If He’s Getting Needed Supplies: ‘Of Course Not’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


A new mask mandate went into effect at midnight last night in the state of Colorado. Governor Jared Polis joins Stephanie Ruhle to explain what made him enact this law and to discuss whether he thinks the federal government is doing enough to support his state. Aired on 07/17/2020.
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CO Governor On If He’s Getting Needed Supplies: ‘Of Course Not’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. I’m so tired of the snowflake covidiots who are so put out to wear a mask for a few minutes a day when they go into a store or other business or are around other people and can’t social distance. I wonder how they would handle anything else that would require real bravery, strength, and compassion for others day in and day out? I’m glad they weren’t around when real warriors were ordered to storm the Normandy beaches on D Day.

  2. If we don’t have enough ppe for the medical workers how can we supply ppe to school staff? How unrealistic can we be in the decision-making process. No one has given thought to how the teachers will handle it if the children in their care begin getting sick and dying.

  3. Trumpanzees won’t listen and they’ll be ARMED! Why does Orange Hitler want his supporters to go up against his white SUPREMACIST police forces? KKK vs KKK. GOP+NRA+KKK=KGB. Smh.


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