Colorado attorney general to conduct state investigation into Elijah McClain death


Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser will investigate whether criminal charges are warranted against anyone involved in the death of Elijah McClain, Gov. Jared Polis announced Thursday afternoon.


  1. Karma is a bitch. These fuckers will get theirs…….. I am starting to believe they call police to kill us….

  2. The Governor also needs to be removed from office SHAME SHAME SHAME on Aurora vote the people out who are not in office to support the common people If the AG does not find charges on the people involved in this amazing young brothers death then Colorado time to RISE UP (you are the Change)

  3. I don’t care if he was wearing 100 masks, suspicion bc of what someone is wearing shouldn’t = murder. Justice for Elijah!

  4. Good. APD and DPD are scum. I know many of them and they’re the biggest pieces of lying trash! They will receive their karma and I can’t wait.

  5. You know it Bullys haunt the mentally disabled in All aspects from social services social security to Dr’s Hospitals even Cops. It’s a evil crooked abuse people conduct daily.

  6. Dave Young of Adams County CO (District Attorney 17th Judicial District)
    doesn’t see any problems with how officers conducted themselves as they
    brutalized and murdered Elijah Mcclain. Here’s his phone number if
    you’d like to contact him with your concerns — 303.659.7720


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