Colorado governor doesn’t rule out mask mandate but makes clear: ‘Wear a damn mask!’


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis did not rule out a statewide mask mandate in a news conference Thursday but made clear in his plainest terms yet how he feels about Coloradans and visitors to the state wearing them: “Wear a damn mask!”


  1. Selfish assholes that refuse to wear masks + Poor leadership from the top down = A country that can’t get its shit together. I don’t blame the EU from banning Americans into Europe.

  2. Same bullshit model the government uses? LoL how many college kids have died? Your fears have nothing to do with my freedoms. I see people with filthy masks every where. No talk about biohazard trash cans. For the mask. Is this serious or just an exercise?

  3. These cities and counties around the Denver area are looking up to you Governor for advise. Waiting for you to do your job. Mandate mask wearing in public places. Especially the counties surrounding Denver county. Some places with less population don’t need it but the Denver area does!

  4. No one knows anyone that has contracted or died from COVID. Testing is over 50% false positives. Leading causes of deaths have almost vanished because most deaths are being counted as COVID even when unrelated causes. Everyone that watches the media(AKA medium AKA witches) are having a spell broadcasted on their minds. Turn off your TV and go outside. The human immune system is like a muscle that atrophies when not used. The controllers simply want to cripple immune systems so they can call it round 2 and tighten the grip even more.

    God built our bodies perfectly with a immune system that adapts and gets stronger. Our immune system comes from exposure to microbiome. All this sterilization and covering our faces crushes the human immune system and the increase in Co2 and reduction of oxygen leads to hypoxia. There are independent tests with calibrated meters that prove the levels of Co2 are far above the limits set by OSHA for hazardous to health and far below for the oxygen content within masks even bandanas.

    Simply put, The Holy Word of God instructs us to lean our understanding on God in all ways and never on man and that when we ask for a king, they will exploit us. This is exactly what is going on. Warren Buffet owns mask companies and donated the bulk of his fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2019. Bill donated $1.6b to the WHO, owns vaccine companies, 500k shares of Bayer pharmaceudicals (Nazis that made gas for chambers and released HIV/AIDS in the 80’s) and filed a patent with Microsoft in 2019 for a vaccine/cash/identity dot that laminates to the skin and uses human body heat and brainwaves to passively mine for cryptocurrency and Microsoft is leading the development of ID 2020 which is a global identification and tracking system with vaccines being the gateway to unleashing it. From October to December 2019, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a Novel Coronavirus outbreak simulation event and it ended right before the “outbreak”. Anthony Fauci works with the CDC which is a private establishment that holds over 20 patents on different vaccines and made over $4.6b in profits in 2017 from vaccine sales alone.

    Put your faith on man is to turn your back on God. Living independent on God means there will be consequences. When you stop allowing the media/medium/witches to stop controlling your thoughts and infecting you with a influenza of the mind spread by influencers, and begin to lean your understanding on God, you can be set free from this luciferian system that seeks to destroy all people for they are children of God created in his image and the devil hates that. Pray that your sins will be forgiven in Yeshua’s Holy Spirit and that you turn away from temptation to serve and please your fellow man. Yeshua said that many will be offended by his names sake. Beware of the times that are upon us because Microsofts Patent on that dot ends in 060606 and a dot is a circle which is 360 degrees and 3 6 0 is part of the luciferian witch craft numerology standing for the same 666 as the mark of the beast.


  5. Any Republican Governor who shuts down their state again should resign immediately and be shut out of the party. No room for authoritarian cowards in the party. Open up America fully! No lockdowns!

  6. This whole thing is the biggest scam wealth transfer of the entire world. Look at him,he’s trying not to laugh at you. Pathetic lying scum bags.


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