Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ New Mandates Piss Me Off & Other Stuff…


I’m over this ‘pandemic’.


  1. Milwaukee, where I live, just made mask wearing mandatory in certain public situations.

    I feel like I won’t even be able to go anywhere now because I refuse to wear a mask unless I’m in a medical facility.

    Many people don’t bother to do research and they seem to like trusting government. Big mistake.

  2. Its an occult ritual. Theres no way they’d be this hell bent on getting the entire country to obstruct their human features… its so bizarre.

  3. Here in Oregon masks have been mandated too (but there are exemptions for things like exercise, fortunately). They don’t want to give up the power they have obtained through fear. They want to make as miserable possible for as long as possible so they can get a certain result in November, which will backfire on them big time. Before Fauci flip-flopped he said that masks don’t do much good.

  4. He’s so cute…I was talking about the dog! Not that yer not a good looking guy making good points, but the dog is pretty awesome

  5. Hey Roger! I’m supposed to teach indoor yoga on Wed. Small class planning on doing yoga with it off. I cannot bring myself to teach yoga with a mask on. We shall see…


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