Colorado Governor on rise in Covid cases and how it could affect the state’s economy


Colorado Governor Jared Polis joins ‘Closing Bell’ to discuss the coronavirus cases in the state and what the state is doing to control the outbreak at University Colorado-Boulder and Colorado State from spreading to other communities.


  1. I lived in Colorado Springs and then Denver and wouldn’t want to move back there.

    Dry, hot, and wildfire smoke from the West all summer and horrible traffic year round. Overpriced. Lots of grifters and potheads. And it’s apparently gotten even crazier since I left 5 years ago.

  2. I love Colorado, sunny beautiful weather, so many young active and healthy people. If this group can’t do well with the virus, the whole country is doomed! Masks, social distance, trace, close the bars, restaurants, theaters, gyms, churches and schools. Don’t pass that Joint!
    Do it religiously for 2 months and halt interstate travel, you will get your truly wonderful state back!
    Then demand multiple testings and quarantine before travelers can roam the state. Healthiest people in the nation, young and old!


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