COVID-19 Partner Call: Wear It, Don’t Share It – The Art and Science of Cloth Masks


Dr. McDonald shared updates on CDC’s COVID-19 response, including the latest scientific information and what everyone should know about protecting themselves and others. In addition, Dr. Burton covered guidance on cloth masks in “Wear It, Don’t Share It – The Art and Science of Cloth Masks.”

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  1. Your mask MAY protect others & their mask MAY protect you.
    Operative Word: MAY
    We need accurate, scientific evidence, based on research, that masks work well enough to REQUIRE them being worn. I sure don’t want to be the cause of anyone getting ill with ANYTHING, especially COVID-19.
    However, I don’t want to have a false sense of security.
    I’ve FINALLY found a style of mask I can wear for short stents that doesn’t induce a panic attack or flashback. I also have asthma.
    Masks are an unexpected CPTSD trigger for me & I’m struggling to comply & thus do my part to protect others.
    The trick for me is to wear a mask that doesn’t collapse against my mouth & nose as I breathe. It’s still extremely uncomfortable & panic inducing for me so I depend on social distancing & proper hand hygiene.
    What has caused me the most difficulty is being seen by my physicians, as each have different mask requirements. Some requirements are to the point of being ridiculous.
    My physical & mental health have greatly suffered due to shut downs & lack of access to care.
    I’m sure I’m only one of many in this or a very similar situation.
    There needs to be ways to resolve these issues & it’s way past time they were addressed.

  2. don’t used the mask is no good your heath. start used the underwear with heavy smell over 2 months cover your face or put on your mouth the virus (covid-19) go away. i am is better DR fauci.


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