First Lady Melania Trump Visits Children’s National Hospital



  1. I love our beautiful 1st Lady Melania Trump! Thank you so much for all your hard work and love you share with all the children of your BE BEST Program. I am praying that this Christmas be Merry, Joyous, Glorious, and Supernaturally filled with the Holy Spirit of God/Jesus, to overflowing!!! Father God I pray, bless the entire Trump family with everything they need and fulfill the desire of their hearts, in Jesus Mighty and Holy Name amen! 👍👍💖💖🌟🌟🌹🌹😇

  2. Love you First Lady Melania and Familiy! THANK,YOU ! God bless you all Trump Familiy ! THANK,YOU Mr.PRÄSIDENT,Dj.Trump for Freedom and Liberty and Peace for Germany and Worldwide! BEST Greetings and Congratulations from Germany to Amerika! God.bless you my Friends and Familiy in Amerika ! God.bless all Patriots from Amerika and Germany and Worldwide Peace! LOVE you my Friends! Merry Christmas to Amerika and Donald and Melania ! LOVE you from Germany to Amerika! God bless you for my Lifetime and ever ! THANK,YOU Friends ! I pray for you DONALD and Amerikas Peopel! God.bless you! THANK,YOU very much Mr.PRÄSIDENT,Dj.Trump!

  3. Love our beautiful, classy, and most of all truly compassionate FLOTUS! God bless those sweet and amazing strong warrior angel children and our First Family. Merry Christmas ✝️🕎🛐💖💝 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Be Best
    Always standing strong with President Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. I say F the Never-Trumper-Communists, and the Democrat-Communists, the Supreme-Court-Communists, and the Deep-State-Communists. They are all puppets of China, and they are with the enemy of the USA.

  5. President Trump: Never Concede even on January 20th if you have to leave the White House do not concede. Instead make a National Speech if Commy Harris or Joe Biden are being sworn in and declare them illegitimate. Declare them not elected but thieves who stole the election by voter fraud, fraudulent ballots, and counting machines that counted Trump votes as votes for Biden. Vow to continue the investigation and lawsuits FOREVER until Barack Obama, the Clintons, Biden, Harris are punished for their crimes.

  6. Biden to tylko zasłona dymna. Głównym celem Demokratów jest ‘Prezydent Kamala Harris to doprowadzi do totalnego burdelu USA.

  7. Merry Christmas to the first family. And congratulations on four more years.❄️🎄⛪
    (Just a little mess to clean up first.)

  8. “42% of U.S. households say their household income is still below pre-pandemic levels as a direct result of the outbreak…”

  9. With the cyber attacks involving solar winds and US Treasury, on top of foreign election meddling, we are in a constitutional crisis! We are under attack as we speak! Invoke Marshall Law and get some order… things are getting crazy.. I don’t recognize our country anymore! The documentary I watched 25 years ago about China is coming true!

  10. Love the fact that she reads books out loud to the children. Reading out loud regularly to children improves reading fluency and comprehension.

  11. Dear First Lady Melania Trump, may our Lord bless you and the First Family during this special season. Thank you for all your grace and kind generosity, serving so many both in America and throughout the world.





  13. Are you celebrating the 320,000 deaths of AMERICANS? Be Best makes no sense and is not proper English. Be best at what? Killing Americans? 33 more days and you are gone.

  14. They should get someone who can speak English, to read to those kids. “Eet vas de wurst uf timehs, eet vas de best uf timehs”

  15. But she hates Christmas and so she does this out of fear that the media will attack her moral standings with a pagan holiday that so many Christians practice.

  16. #Bidengoodbye!
    The US Supreme Court ruled to discontinue manual ballot counting in Florida. Thus, the US Supreme Court granted the motion of the Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush

    The (vyborshchiki) electors made George W. Bush president !
    The (vyborshchiki) Electors Made Trump President !
    This is American democracy !
    I ask the FBI to start an investigation into the attempt by the Biden Obama and Soros team to seize power in the United States.

    Supreme Court what’s the matter? You do not know who the electors are and what is democracy?
    The Pentagon is a serious scum and a bad situation trying to seize power. A conspiracy is being spun against President Trump

    Time magazine I wiped my ass with your cover.

  17. Best first lady, best American president Trump. Merry Christmas. Thank you for saving God’s country 🇺🇸 and God’s people all over the world 🗺 🙏

  18. Melania’s illiterate campaign to stop bullies online, except for her childish husband who has even threatened genocide of an entire nation online, but that’s okay… Oh, that’s just Donald and his “boy talk”.
    I also love the audio that released where she complains about having to do first lady duty “fucking Christmas”. Nice lady. And so fucking dignified and refined too.
    Merry Christmas. Thank God it’s their last full month in the WH. Out they go! Horrible, corrupt, dishonest people.

  19. no mask — at a hospital — where it’s MANDATED! Trumps are so viciously useless — I cannot wait to watch them walk out of the People’s house for the final time. Good riddance ass holes!

  20. I can only imagine how much you wanted to hug these children. Your love and kindness did shine through and I feel they felt it too.


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