First Lady Melania Trump’s Mother’s Day Message



  1. Melania, unfortunately thousands of American, will not be celebrating Mothers day. So far there are more than 78,000 people that have died from Covid-19. You can make a difference by making sure that Trump listen to the health official and not to people like Alex Jones, or people that have extremes views against the lockdown and don’t take the threat of Covid-19 seriously.

  2. Hows that anti-bullying campaign going?. You are just arm candy for the Malignant Narcissist. Great accomplishment.

  3. Who else but the beautiful FLOTUS to give a warm message on Mother’s Day!? As opposed to the the unappealing MAN Chelle Barack Obama! ☻💃

  4. Extraordinary message and us and all nations first lady mother’s rôle model @melania trump ji, keep going ma’am
    #May God bless US
    #May God bless All Nations
    #May God Bless Next President(Trump) Also..!

  5. God Bless you First Lady Melania and God Bless you President Trump. I am praying for you for your family and for our Vice President Mike Pence. God Bless you. , Regina VOLOSEN, Texas, San Antonio

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  7. i can’t help to think that trump was holding a gun at her to read something that wasn’t even written by her.

  8. Melania our beautiful white lady we love yolu so much 🙂 You should be just less European and more like president Trump she is very nice but too much calm that is because she is European 🙂

  9. First Lady you are beautiful- I hope someone in the White House reads this and tell President Trump about what I’m concerned about- this virus 🦠 there are things going on that are not Right – the hospitals are killing people putting them on breathing machines- I said this as soon as they said that was what they were doing – the death numbers are high because of this – I read that letters were sent out to ALL hospital to put virus 🦠 patients on breathing machines- Who made this Call – people have died because of this – they have medicine now that have worked on this virus 🦠 and little short Man said No don’t use it – I have never liked him the first time I saw him or heard him speak – I don’t trust him and I don’t trust scarf Lady – there is more going on here than what we are being told – what China ,Dem-rats ,Pelosi, short little Man or scarf Lady had to do with this virus 🦠- but I do know hospitals have Killed people with their actions – I don’t want to hear what little short Man says – well we don’t know much about this virus 🦠 and how to treat it – Look if you are putting people on breathing machines and they die then common sense tell you to try something else or stop doing it and try something else- but they kept on doing it and killing people over and over- there was someone pushing this order- they need to be in Jail – there are doctors doing other things and virus 🦠 patients get better- I knew when death rates were higher in New York there was something going on – it is like someone wants this virus 🦠 to kill and wants the economy to stop – Mr President watch your back – some people are not friends- another thing that is wrong is why are these people getting away with breaking the Law – why have Laws if they don’t apply to ALL – FBI , Dem-rats ,Pelosi- if we keep letting people get away with this things like this virus 🦠 will keep happening because they know they will get away with it – it is time for the Laws to be enforced- but the killing of people is uncalled for – What is this World 🌎 coming to – I will not take any shot they make for this virus 🦠- God Bless America- 🙏🏻🇺🇸 God be with the President 🙏🏻🇺🇸

  10. Poor woman. Trapped in a life I’m sure she never expected. At least she got her parent’s US citizenship out of it. It’s clear if you watch them together that they have no love.

  11. Our First Lady is ethereal & has such a sweet voice. I wished she had more baby Barons because she & our Prez made a beautiful child.

  12. Faith! That new/ancient beauty treatment for women?

    A woman of faith has no frown on her face. Worry lines are absent.

    A woman with the name Jesus never far from her lips, has the sweetest breath. A woman of fragrant prayers is a woman with shining face and shining smile; she needs not perfume.

    A woman of faith is never bent over, she is an upright woman with upright stature.

    A woman of enduring faith has a countenance of enduring Grace.

    Why does such a woman have such beauty. Because He who is called beautiful and is beautiful, has taken residence within her making her His temple.

    To men in her life, she is betrothed Rose of Sharon and Lily of the valley.

  13. Well let’s see the last time this woman birthed a bright idea … in that case an ant-bullying campaign … her reprobate husband yielded unqualified and undeserved abuse of a 16 year old just because she’s smarter than him … watch out moms ✅

  14. Happy Mother’s Day to you too Melania!!! Thank You for being such a wonderful Mother to our First Family
    and our Nation.

  15. When she speaks English.. I have that strange feeling that she actually don’t understand the language at all. Always looks she speaks from a manuscript.

  16. Dear First Lady , merci de tout coeur pour votre très beau témoignage, en cette journée de la fête des mères. Bon fête des mères à vous, vous êtes une bonne mère,une bonne femme et une très grande première dame. Vous êtes forte et honorable ,merci de soutenir le président TRUMP merci pour tout le travail que vous faites auprès de votre pays


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