Former Lt. Gov. John Sanchez – The White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative



  1. This is a great day thank you President Trump and ceo of Goya foods I salute you I support your food company 💯💃🏻♥️🇺🇸

  2. With those kinds of numbers, wouldn’t you think it was an occupation, in which we know, is an act of invasion, an act of war.

  3. My name is Zedrick Khan I am the direct blood line of The Greatest Genius King King my believe is my life and what I believe is what I do and make happen and I’ll just want to address this to the whole entire universe beyond the universe that President Trump is going to be our president for 20/20 no Democrat without beat us in any way we are the best the leaders of the world and The United States of America not only the world but all our own community in America and we want to make America the best place on the face of Earth and you know what the is best candidate and thats President Trump for the 2020 election .American prepare your for the greatest man that’s President Trump


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