Gov. Jared Polis says time is now to take small steps to keep COVID-19 increase from spiking


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said Tuesday that the time is now to take small steps to increase mask earing and social distancing to keep Colorado’s slight increase in cases from turning into exponential growth.


  1. At the Tasty Weasel in Boulder you can sit inside and drink beer and eat.
    How is this possible if bars are supposed to be closed?

  2. Funny how Colorado has to shut down in order to get a handle on the virus when all we have to do is wear a damn mask but Karens out there lose their shit over that simple measure.

  3. Polis looks and acts like a messy little boy.
    Him calling people selfish bastards is a very professional look for him.
    Shaming people into compliance, nice job .
    When all else fails shame shame shame your constituents.
    Class act here for sure.
    Clean your self up Polis. Sheesh

  4. Why are we trying to base policies off of inaccurate tests that have been miscounted in multiple ways? Why aren’t any news sources or politicians talking about that? All admitted by the CDC

  5. There is no law that has ever been signed to make any body to wear a mask. You have caused enough damage by closing businesses and schools . Its a agenda by democrats to make people to be obey what ever they want you to do even if its not a law.

  6. the planet we call earth is a living organism just like humans and the planet and humans both are host for many many forms of life from microscopic to its self/our selves. at earths scale humans are microscopic life , on humans viruses are microscopic! so if you learn anything about bacteria/viruses then compare us to a bacterial virus and how we both multiply and spread across the planet/ our bodies you will realize humans are a complex form of bacteria/virus ! send a virus to kill a virus! =covid 19


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