Gov. Polis says Colorado hopes to test 8,500 people a day for COVID-19 by end of March


Colorado expects to significantly ramp up its testing capabilities to be able to perform around 8,500 tests per day by the end of May as more testing supplies are received and as community-based testing increases at the county level statewide, Gov. Jared Polis said Wednesday.


  1. Havent meet any of the feds standards…but who cares if we get a massive flare up of infections…no big deal…fucking politicians and their money..bastards.

  2. There are those that want to work, don’t believe a virus exists, and protest; that’s probably 1/3 of the population. Let ’em. The other 2/3 seem like the ones that will stay at home whether the option to go back to work or not is an option. We have to take this into our own hands since government cannot make all of us happy or provide for us. Catch 22. Lessons are only learned through challenging experiences.

  3. State govt. needs to explain to people that were making what a week’s unemployment is in one day with their jobs, how they’re to meet their financial responsibilities due to the Germ. And insurance premiums taken yet no Dentist or Eye Dr. able to see patients and then the Germ created lay offs. How do we get our premium to work as it wasn’t our fault we couldn’t make an appt. before unknown layoff while the Germ closed us down. Seems a waiver is needed pronto.


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