Governor Polis’ Message to Colorado Teachers During ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’


Every day I hear stories about Colorado teachers going above and beyond for their students. During Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to again thank Colorado’s dedicated educators that are continuing to work hard and educate our youngest Coloradans during these difficult times. Your tremendous dedication, creativity, and problem-solving make me proud to be your governor.

Comment below and tell me about an educator that is putting in extra work to connect with their kids. I’d love to hear about it 👇


  1. You are a coward and could care less about these teachers or you wouldn’t be killing their jobs and cutting school funding. Where is all the tax money from the marijuana tax Colorado keeps bragging about that’s supposed to go to schools. Schools haven’t changed not one bit since the people voted for this but I bet your pockets are lined. Find a hole to crawl into coward we can manage this better than you can any day. Open Colorado now.


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