Justice & Peace with Brian Buckmire: Colorado Gov. Launches Special Probe in Elijah McClain Case


Host Brian Buckmire breaks down Today’s cases.

Three Wilmington police officers were fired for hate speech. A video was unintentionally discovered in a routine inspection. The officers were fired for violating standards of conduct. The video shows war needed to “Wipe black people off the map.”

The Colorado Governor launched a special probe into Elijah McClain’s death. The announcement comes after petitions and media scrutiny. Gov. Jared polis stated, “Elijah should be alive today.” Elijah McClain died in August 2019 after interaction with the police. Mcclain’s last words were, “I’m an introvert, I’m different.” The family says McClain was a “Gentle peacemaker.”

Charges were filed against an NYPD officer in a viral video. The Video showed Officer David Afanador, 39, putting a man in a chokehold. Officer Afanador was charged with felony strangulation. Afanador has been suspended without pay since the incident. Afanador has a history of disciplinary infractions. In 2014, he was alleged to have pistol-whipped a teen suspect.

Brian Buckmire’s Guests:
Charles F. Coleman Jr. – Civil Rights Attorney
Joseph Richardson – Civil Rights Attorney

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  1. This is so disturbing; too many lives lost, too many families heartbroken , the innocent always pays the price. Wake up America.
    Mothers and grandmothers, do we just stand by and continue to let this happen? ENOUGH

  2. Keep the message going loud and clear.
    Just imagine how many people throughout the justice system from clerks that enter data etc. Have been hushed or ignored with concerns they encounter but each time it is a person that holds the power to squash concerns ( silent threat of losing jobs) and push the victim into the defence and perp into hero status.
    Where is humanity? How long have we known that many (not all) people in power are psychopaths.
    Cutting off their nose to spite their face is what comes to mind by keeping humans with huge potential not to survive.
    One murdered person might have been the one to cure cancer!
    I don’t understand why civilization is regressing!


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