Live from WHO Headquarters – COVID-19 daily press briefing 19June 2020


Broadcast on 19 June 2020, direct from Geneva Switzerland with Dr Tedros WHO Director-General, Dr Micheal Ryan, Executive Director of the Health Emergencies Programme, and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, Technical lead COVID-19, WHO Health Emergencies Programme as well as Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. They were joined by video link with Dr Iman Shankiti WHO Representative for Lebanon as well as Chuol Puok Jock, WHO Disease Surveillance Officer and Regional Technical Support Team Coordinator, working in Ethiopia.


  1. World terrorist organization. Every single one of them should be permanently detained and have their families separated, esp that Michael Ryan scumbag who wanted to forcibly break into homes and individually quarantine everyone, including families.

  2. World death organization is going to pay for all this, one way or another. How the hell can you issue a pandemic and activate global quarantine, and not think of the economic and mental health consequences? This organization disproves Darwinian evolution.

  3. How is Tedros still the head of WHO. How is WHO still a organisation. Pull funding and shut it down. WHO is a CCP puppet.

  4. Really was what was talking filibo was extremely hurting every one humantrainly so I will thanks dr towodros and mr filibos so encouraging to speed up your efforts about humanity

  5. current camera technologies and screen technologies are racist. Black people become censored 😛 I can’t even see him. Nice to see representation, but oled/microled + better camera dynamic colors is needed for truly equality for blacks.

  6. *Thanks again to WHO for these great opportunities to us all over the world for having access to these life transmitions.*
    *Again I would strongly like to suggest to make clear which countries are from those that are addressing questions. Thanks.*

    📖 Dra. Sônia 🕊

  7. Sir, your credibility is sadly in question. Please have someone who has a better credibility talk instead. Maybe people will start believing in the WHO again . Thank you!

  8. I dont stay at home, the OMS is not going to put me in a state of slavery, and I dont care about the COVID-19, I dont fear it.

  9. As it is at these times, the World is small for virus.
    WHO made mistakes, yes.
    If you swim too long in the milk that has fallen to the floor, it grows mold.
    So, maybe we could leave it behind at this moment and have an scientific discussion on how we work together forward.
    We have time to blame institutions afterwards.

  10. It’s the fault of SAGE in our country why theres so many fatalities, however professor ferguson advised us to lock down sooner. The good thing in the UK is it’s been suppressed, however the herd immunity idea is daft. Vallance said you needed to be infected to get immunity, how silly is that?


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