Live: Launch of the COVID-19 Technology Access Pool



  1. This organization is so useless it’s hilarious! Wondering what these circus clowns are doing with the 400 million dollars that America gives them, probably transferring it to China! LOL

  2. Liers wy you dont say that billgate did the virus and we will not acept your vaccines of poison from bill gates for killing the population. Murderes. You are all killers. We have hydroxicloroquina. . But your vaccines in your own blood we want to see.

  3. WHO was set up for good of human kind but has been dramatically influenced by CCP, WHO doesn’t even recognise Taiwan. BOYCOTT WHO , CCP new about this virus that’s why all internal flights mainland China stoped but external flights allowed,

  4. FUCK THE CCP AND THE 50 cent wumaos that are desperatly trying to make china look good XD. Fail again 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  5. Sir I am 15 years old plz see my comment it is help to your research
    I am suggest that make covid 19 medicine from alligators or tardigrades plz reasearch this oragnisms I am from India if any issue it is my whatsapp no:9948738179

  6. WHO symbol snake and walking stick. What it means? At the time of Pharoah black magician make people sick and cure them with snakes and stick(with the help of jinns/devils). Remember Moses snake ate all the black magician snakes(with God permission). And they all become the followers of Moses.

  7. Can we trust WHO? They made youtube covering up some of the videos calling out of WHO misleading statements. They respect China by disrespectful Taiwan and Hong kong. How can they say they have not taken sides?
    This organization purpose is support to save lives. Is that just to fool the world and have a hidden agenda?

  8. What is the opinion of the World Health Organization in setting up secondary exams in Egypt on the 21st of this month? There are a million high school students in Egypt, and a 25-student committee enters us. Egypt’s students are brought to death.

  9. Vacina contra a pandemia de covid 19 para imunidade resolva isso tem gente querendo trabalhar dá saúde para o nosso mundo


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