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  1. The WHO covered up the Chinese virus for a long time. The WHO is not an independent organization. The Chinese dictation prevents clarification. The failure of WHO and China has killed and infected many people, it was a crime. It is a shame to exclude the democratic state of Taiwan from participation. The communist dictatorship dominates the WHO. Stop WHO financial support.

  2. इधर उधर का बात बंध करो.. Give orders to investigate the origin of virus in China.

  3. How shameless can be WHO i knew now………
    WHO’s mouth is stuffed with dimsum and bat soup so it can’t utter word against china
    but KARMA will come

  4. TAIWAN is best example of containing CCP VIRUS while you are pleasing CHINA for hiding evidences and violating human rights , mr.Tedros why you still beat drums of appreciating china while CCP is targetting black people in china … they are also your people …. you were quick to picked your racial card to defend yourself…. looks like CCP has invested lot of money to keep WHO’s mouth shut .


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