Live Q&A on COVID-19 with Dr Mike Ryan and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove. Ask your questions!


Media briefing on #COVID19 with @DrTedros


  1. Every human life has value, Accountability is paramount and is the Ethical thing to do for a more equitable world. Thank you very much for the update.

  2. An honest, passionate and open Q&A session…Go Mike and unstoppable team! Hope as many people as possible across the globe see this…

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  4. The Q&A begins with reflections from both Dr Kerkhove and Dr Ryan about the whole year in review. Both give deeply compassionate responses, seeped in a commitment to equity and a desire for global health justice. Around 16:00, Dr Ryan says that the three aspects that have the most impact on exposure to c19 are ‘ location, duration and intensity ‘. Around 20:00, Dr Ryan reflects on how ‘ Everyone can talk about spike proteins now ‘, an area of science previously the domain of ‘geeks’. And, he reflects: ‘ I love that democratisation of information where science is no longer the purview of scientists and the labs.’

  5. From 29:30, Dr Kerkhove speaks about c19 and older people, especially those in long-term residential/nursing facilities.
    From 32:15, she speaks about (a) vaccines; (b) ‘Disease X’, a high -threat pathogen (such as a coronavirus) which was expected by scientists worldwide; and (c) ‘good old-fashioned epidemiology’ or ‘epi101’ as she called it (35:50).
    After this, Dr Kerkhove and Dr Ryan give various key dates in the evolution of the human medical/scientific response to c19:
    (a) the first assay was available 13th January 2020, an assay being the ‘cookbook’ for making diagnostics [36:35];
    (b) the first diagnostic tests were sent out 2nd February 2020 – a ‘super fantastic’ feat (Dr. Ryan) [36:40]

  6. At 36:51, Dr Ryan reflects on the altruistic behaviour of scientists worldwide:
    all the scientists were ‘doing it openly, no one was trying to make a profit by patenting this, copyrighting that. No: they did it and they put it out there; they put it on the web [37:02] and they gave those assays out [37:04] and then the companies came in and made the diagnostics. I remember by the 22nd or 23rd of January, we had the diagnostic and then we had to do massive contracts quickly to get it spun out.
    This approach ‘required trust and collaboration and people not worrying about [their ego] but actually doing the work’.

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  8. after reading in depth the individual cases of coronavirus related deaths it dangerously looks like the asymptomatic focal infection theory causing bacterial sepsis/pneumonia and polluted and unhealthy lifestyles/diets also including smoking seems to be the cause of the majority of the underlying health conditions of the coronavirus pandemic as reported by the doctors which might explain why lockdowns have not worked and why the world leaders cannot find the cause of the pandemic
    this might be the significant cause of the coronavirus pandemic the world is searching for. i know this because i originally had coronavirus and i continue to live with it. i am patient 0

  9. The Deaths are exaggerated! For those who read this comment, please I beg you to do your research. Dive into the CDC website too!

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  11. Thank you guys for all you do! I got the covid stuck in a cottage in Southwest England back in March, and your information and all the press conferences really helped me get through such a horrible disease. I am a long hauler now, unfortunately. Back in the US, but am thinking of going back to UK since they have more understanding and help for people like me. Anyway, wanted to THANK YOU guys for all you do! Hope you have a Happy Holiday! 🙂

  12. I do have a question about long covid. Do you guys have the most recent information on it, and how many people have been affected by it so far?

  13. The elephant in the room is – why isn’t China reporting covid19 data to the WHO? Has China fallen out with the rest of the world? Does China totally refuse to share health data?


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