Live Q&A on science and COVID-19



  1. Taiwan learnt from sars and mounted the best response by far…. They prepared, they delivered…. What science did WHO try to learn from Taiwan…. It wasn’t a completely new virus, it’s from the family of sars and mers

  2. hahaha….She says…”WHO needs to be ahead of the curve”……you screwed the pooch on that one Wuhan Homicide Organisation. FAIL!!! Just Go away….G O A W A Y! You’ve done enough damage for one century!!!

  3. Doctor soumya doctors and pharmacologist they know what are the active components elements of the antigen if they make or invented but how about the people that have already a previous medical history on going medication but infected by the virus is there any other medication treatment remedy or strategy to save his life. Because doctors, pharmacologist, sciencetest who ever they are they know the antigen is for the virus only how about the other cell. Stabilisers, adjuvants, antibiotics, preservatives, trace components formaldehyde, theomersal this other components is can be used it’s defend what is the antigen composition elements


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