Live Q&A on #WorldSuicidePreventionDay with @Jazzthornton_



  1. Increase of suicides did happen during the lock down. But it’s considered WOHAN VIRUS (COVID) death and gun violence and whatever shit you want to call it.

  2. the best way to prevent suicide is ban the psychiatric drugs, we must close by law and forever all the laboratories, universities and doctors which causes most the suicidal cases because their hypocrite medecines causes what they supoose to cure and that industry it’s a real war against the human health and a violation of the human rights. doctors murders indirectly, they suicided celebrities and 4% of humans are poisoned.

  3. Why isn’t hyperbaric oxygen therapy not being recommended for treatment of hypoxia in covid19?
    Especially as there is the reversal of mental depression seen in covid19

  4. Who is for feminism not for men let them keep it. Pretending to or wanting to is not the same committing suicide. One statistic is definite and one is not. Who is an organization designed to take wealth from hardworking men and transfer their resources over to women


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