Media briefing on 2nd Global COVID-19 R&D Forum



  1. Liars and terrorists in fine clothes …. paid for by the rest of us …. Check out Amnesty International’s definition of Torture, what it is, how it is used, and who uses it ….

  2. Dr Maria how lack of information from CCP about the outbreak not signal evil design for public healththat you are to safeguard

  3. Covid came from USA! USA spread the virus to the whole world. That’s why we call it American Virus in China. USA had Covid since Feb 2019, but they call it normal pneumonia, vaping disease or flu. The Covid found in sewerage system in Barcelona of sample taken in March 2019 also come from USA tourist. Before the USA soldiers bring the Covid to Wuhan, it had spread to the whole world for half a year. Only China first find the truth and save the world. China should be the only leader of the world. Our Chairman Xi Jinping should be the new God. We will set up new rules and laws for the world. Anyone obey China and CCP will benefit from it.

  4. We will not consent. We will not wear slave masks and will not distance. This is an evil Agenda, a psychological operation. You all belong in prison including CDC for crimes against humanity.

  5. what the hell have u been doing since january WHO is disgrace to human life you are still on tracing and many bullshit

  6. Did she say that there is no evidence that asymptomatic carriers can spread the virus??? That is HUGE! Why isn’t that front page news, because for months we have been told stories about “super spreaders” who don’t know they have the virus, yet spread it around to everybody. Hence the lockdowns, and forced isolation. That is big news, right?

  7. Covid is awesome!, all around the world people are only dieing of covid! People dont die of flue, or cancer, or old age, ore car accidents anymore, all people that die seem to be covid related!!!
    Statistics clearly show the evidence for this fact. SO!!! when “scientist”have developed the holy vaccine,and we all take it, nobody will die`s anymore ever! Thank you covid! cool cool cool

  8. I always listen to the WHO briefings as they provide the important information we need in these trial times, a BiIG thank you 🙏 , the fact that is presented by men or women it’s not relevant to me as I’m only interested and in the MESSAGE they so accurate provide worldwide, once again thank you and I’m looking forward to the next meeting with

  9. WHO is the cutting edge for the COVID virus information. I am so thankful that this organization exists.

  10. In a nutshell: we still know very little but will gladly tell you how you can sew your own mask. The mortality rate is about 0.6%, not the 5, 6, 7% we scared you with the last 6 months. People get infected and they don’t all develop symptoms, some 20,% do. Of those there are subgroups who develop severe, and a subgroup of those, a critical disease. If you are in that sub-sub group and over 80 with other health issues you are at risk. If you are young, obese and smoke you may also be at risk. In that case however, the virus should not be your main concern. Ah, I almost forgot: wash your hands properly.

  11. peece of crap…as much as they lie they scratch higher and higher on their face..they try with holding their hands under the table but the papers are on table so eventualy they have to see their instructions ,and hand can go on genitals but ,hm,it goes from chin to nose and eyes even the gllases are know..i cant stand my self any more but i must say what is said to me..f….c them.

  12. Video is active global cell terrorism activity active in a current global terrorism attack that’s a pre planned ultra violence torture and mass murder attack planning to kill the entire global population using fabricated health data and fantasized fake viruses 🦠 The crime is incomprehensible Video needs to be removed immediately by google

  13. WHO, where is your report that China never told you about covid-19? You and China have been saying for months that China told you, but now you quietly update your website timeline to show that China NEVER told you about it, but you don’t talk about that huh? Trying to change your story of lies to cover up your failures and China’s failures. You are showing who you work for, silence speaks volumes.

  14. Who says it’s airborne ,wear masks indoors and they don’t wear masks in these briefings. What is the exact truth……WHO


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