Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. Governments of the world (of all countries) need to stop fearing of larger percentage of critically-thinking, educated citizens. The dumbing of population sure makes it easily controllable, but crisises like this show that people need to be more educated, less of ‘believer’ kind and more of ‘doubt everything, research, find sources, build own picture of reality’ kind. With that said, Thank you WHO and Esteemed Doctors Tedros, Ryan, Van Khierkhof, Diaz and thousands of other doctors who work day and night on dealing with Covid19 pandemic and other health-threats, to all clinical researchers, epidemiologists, lab technicians, nurses,hospital janitors and logistical staff worldwide for their daily work on making World a healthier environment.

  2. Nothing about the shut down in Beijing now ! Can you 3 go back to your holes and stop talking?Incredible!Killers!

  3. Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar Uttarakhand has discovered medicine over covid 19 if it is useful,why who has not yet announced it as beneficial?we have to save the mankind, please action should be taken to approve this medicine for mankind

  4. Cases first / example

    1. Country A and B.. country A have population 2 milion country B have population 300 thousand.. converter/kurs money country A to money country B 3 thousand.. and country A give debt for more country to country C, D and E

    Question why country A money kurs/converter to country B 3 thousand… and why country A greater converter money to country B if more population A greater B.. if country A give debt to C, D and E mean they are have more money for population and building country

  5. Thank you for these briefings, lots of good information. It seems communication strategy changed a bit, some answers are a bit more direct. The answers towards the end should be echoed in all media outlets around the world.

  6. Doctor Ryan explanation regarding dexamethasone is absolutely right dexamethasone is can give only more energy for the very weak patient inpected of covid 19 but it was not a solution to cure the virus. Dexamethasone application is defend upon the condition of the inpected patient by covid 19

  7. You guys are liars and you should be ashamed of yourselves. You made a fool out of people and we will not forget this!!!!

  8. 🐻 Combination: Fennel Flower Seed + Curcumin + Honey = Best Natural Herb Medicine in the World 🌍🐻❤️🌱🍎🥥💞🍊🌱❤️🐻🌱 💞🍑💕💖💗 പ്പെട്ടത് 🌍 പ്പല്ലട്ട്പ്പെ 🎱 ട്രൂപ്പ്ജീള്ളറ്റഎ 🍇💕🐻🌱

  9. Yesterday, after visiting the hospital, after 2 hours, the temperature was +38 – +39.
    All day and night, the temperature jumped from 36.6 to 39.
    In the morning I took a pill “Nistatin” (made in Belarus).
    After 5 hours, the temperature dropped to 36.6.
    This morning there was a weakness, but I did not cough, my head became ill, the temperature was normal 36.6.
    He took a warm shower, his condition returned to normal. Today the day went fine, I wanted to get enough sleep.

  10. Useless briefing . covid is one kind of influenza virus .And medicine is invented in india with help plant receptor .

  11. Well said Mike Ryan!!!But Jesus you are pissing against the wind, when you are dealing with Governments that are giving the wrong message to people….example “Trump” I really understand your frustration, and you certainly dont deserve the criticism that you are getting! You can take a horse to a water trough….but you cant make him drink the water!! This is just pure common sense, you dont have to be a rocket scientist….but is getting twisted by a few countries around the world, spreading lies!! Lots of good wishes to WHO, you are doing your best! Pauline from Cork🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  12. Good Job Xi Tedros, You should win the Nobel Prize for your 100% transparency with the World! Thank god we all have you watching our backs for us. “NOT!”

  13. Thank you, Who, everything I know I learned it from Dr. Maria. At the beginning of this pandemic, the uncertainty level was nerve wrecking, but l listened to Dr. Maria and she gave me the tools I needed to stay safe. Dr. Maria explained that it was transmitted by droplets and that we had to keep at distance of 3 feet then it was increased to 6 feet and the rest is history.

  14. I am verry happy to hear that Congo is free. Off ebola. People can go safe remain home. This is the best news ever.

  15. One question and that is why arent u wearing gloves?I mean theres a pandemic out here….u dont know where that paper comes from..U DONT KNOW IF SOMEONE COUGHED ON IT….WHAT IF U HAVE THE VIRUS?!!??!?!?!?!?!

  16. Can you tell us something new and important about the coroana ? I was talking about O2 concentration 6-7weeks agow. Thanks.

  17. lol supposedly there is approximately 7 billion people on this planet, WHO is ruling over all of their lives right now, spreading misinformation and propaganda for the global elite, yet their youtube channel only has just over 500 000 subscribers and their videos get so little views, hardly any. I think that goes to show that pretty much no once cares what WHO aka Bill Gates incorporated has to say, yet they get to rule over our lives and violate our basic human rights, doesn’t anyone see that ? I think the world is waking up, but not fast enough!!!

  18. Dear Terek,
    What day is today? Could you please remember to state the day and date?
    You do great at stating you are in Geneva, the persons present, (I believe it is important that you state their titles as well!) and all you do is great!! Thank you!
    Please just remember “Wednesday, June 24, 2020.”
    For the future- even stating the year can be important!
    Thanks again!!
    I really enjoy listening to these “pressers” or press “conferences” as I receive information the same as the journalists that go and report on the same.


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