Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. Good day,

    1. Myself do not see any Mask.

    2. How come Dr Tedros is still providing speech ?

    3. Why don’t Dr Tedros step down ?

  2. When you guys go to China to investigate and find out the truth? What? You just decided to do so? Good to know, but aren’t it should be done 6 monthes earlier? Why wait till all evidence&trace are covered? I guess you didn’t get the permission until China says yes.

  3. Same old story. Contact , trace, isolate, and test and treat for ever no change – which all the above impossible for billions ,not practical ,no money , no manpower for billions

  4. WHO’s Folly

    12/31 Received an e-mail from the Taiwanese authorities stating that corona can be transmitted to humans, but it was squeezed and covered up
    1/19 Low risk of human-to-human transmission
    1/22 Not an emergency.
    1/28 WHO salutes the Chinese government for taking swift and effective action
    1/29 I don’t recommend evacuating foreigners from China
    31 Jan No measures should be taken to unnecessarily interfere with travel and trade
    —- We need to keep people coming and going, keep our borders open.
    —- If it weren’t for China’s efforts, the death toll outside of China would have been even higher.
    —- China’s response could be seen as setting a new standard for infectious disease control
    —- We have to thank China for the low number of cases outside of China.
    2/01 Confidence in China’s ability to control the pandemic
    2/04 Wuhan is a hero.
    —- The rest of the world should provide better data on infected people.
    2/05 Invest 74 billion yen in WHO
    2/08 The fatality rate is about 2%, so don’t be more scared than you need to be.
    2/10 Britain and France need to be more critical.
    2/12 It’s not a good idea to name pneumonia after a name that is associated with a particular area.
    2/13 Praise for China’s unparalleled efforts
    2/18 The new virus is not deadly
    2/24 We haven’t reached a pandemic
    2/27 China’s Aggressive Early Response Prevented the Spread of Infection
    2/28 A possible pandemic
    —- All nations should focus on preparedness.
    —- The chances of containment are narrowing.
    3/25 We squandered our first opportunity
    March 26, had to be addressed a month or two ago.
    3/27 Millions could die if there is no positive action in all countries
    4/3 To determine whether changes should be made to the guidelines on whether masks should be used, the WHO has announced a new I’m open to reviewing the evidence and reopening this discussion.
    4/9 Fatality rate estimated to be 10 times higher than flu

    6/30 Fighting the new corona, the biggest threat is lack of international leadership

    The greatest threat we face today is to hold world leaders accountable for their own mistakes, without apology or remorse. It means there is an international organization that seeks to.

  5. 🐻 WHO go to Hell……… Who is Involved Behind You?
    🐻 We Don’t want You MicroChip Vaccines…….. We want Life in Freedom 🌏🌎🌍 പ്പല്ലട്ട്പ്പെ 🐻🌱🍇🌱🍎🌱🥥🌱🍊

  6. 🐻 Believe in Kamma and Law of Attraction
    🐻 Boost Imun with Healthy Plant Based Food, Sports, and Good Sleep 💞❤️💕💗 പ്പെട്ടത് 🐻🌱🥥🌱🍎🌱🍇🌱🍊

  7. Что вы так мозги делаете. Это короновирус. Никокой не новый!

  8. to the World Health Organization
    I say that the whole world together should have developed a vaccine against the new coronavirus. that the World Health Organization and research must find out all kinds of types against viruses.
    this is information with my idea
    this is sunday 12th july
    greeting from Rich

  9. Helping people to quit is a good thing.
    World wide sigaret companies killing so many people and we still allow them to be a company? this is really insane.
    These companies make it so addictive that most people can hardly quit and they are responsible for this.

  10. My high respects to WHO and everyone working so hard around the world. But this does not go with Mr. Tedros. He can leave WHO and the world will be happier. I just cannot believe he knows what he is talking about. And the disease will never go away because he himself is the cause.

  11. Kindly request you To the WHO….is it right tht russia made corona vaccines…..
    Can we believe tht vaccine will come and help to recuperate the victims of corona viruses….
    Can we believe in the research of russia’s health organization

  12. Let me be honest, you have made simple “Pneumonia” look like a catastrophic desease all over the world. But the truth is that people used to be ill with pneumonia and would cure from it all the time before 2019-20. Some people would cure and others could die from pneumonia which means it was a normal situation so far and was under control all the time. But then you illuminati freaks showed up and made up a new name for pneumonia that is called “COVID -19”. Thus, you spread well-planned chaos and panic through the world on purpose. There is no doubt that you, Bill Gates, China are enemies of humanity. All you want is to completely control the world economy by 2030 and dictate your own rules of life to humanity. You are doing all this because of Antichrist (Dadjal) that is your true hidden boss. And you want to decrease the number of people on the earth to 80-90 % by vaccination. So, this “fakevirus” is preparing the fundamental for realization of the massive crime in the history of humans. May Allah reveal your hidden agenda and punish you in this life. Afterlife, you will be thrown to hell. Ameen.

  13. All of you are traitors to humanity, natural law is the only truth, all of you that continue to participate in pushing the plandemic lies on the people, will have some equally nasty karma coming your way, no amount of money will save you from it. Anytime something negative happens to you, remember your getting in return exactly what you have put out.

  14. TEDROS IS CORRUPT … CLOSE WHO.. AND THE UNITED STATES CANADA INDIA EUROPE, AUSTRALIA JAPAO TAIWAI..make A NEW ORGANIZATION … AN ORGANIZATION MADE BY COUNTRIES WITH DEMOCRACY … NO ONE BELIEVES IN WHO AND china is a dictatorship that violates human rights … and invades democracies … but it is the beginning of the end china will be isolated

  15. So I hear that the WHO are going to China to find the source of the Virus, The Zoonotic source only, not the lab
    The same Zoonotic source that was 100% confirmed already in February, linking this covid to the northern Asian Horseshoe bat
    Not investing the cultivation of the virus and testing done by the lab with this virus since it’s animal testing in 2013


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