Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. Included Taiwanese’s Centers for Disease Control or W.H.O is failed to protect human life. W.H.O is designed for world health purposes, not for political purposes. Why do you keep saying Taiwan – China? That is so shameful when this organization could not distinguish its own purposes. Supporting the Doctors without Border is more meaningful than W.H.O. Realizing how this organization works made a lot of world citizens want to throw up.

  2. Could testing dead patients also be a better strategy for policy making decisions? Especially in countries like India due to insufficient testing infrastructure

  3. Why are these people still talking? so many people die..if you are really concern, resign then you get the money. better all go to jail than maybe there are even more money come in

  4. Should Mr.Tedro consider his resignation from his post due to his stupidity leadership regarding this pandemic? Any countries followed his advice got severed infected cases. He did not want to take responsibility, what a shame.

  5. is this true USA is black male W.H.O and other people!! so he can get his way on china he tryin put every law on china SO he can get other countrys to get involve so he know he got al th help in his war as HE MADE THIS WAR!.. by goin c-sea sound like USA is putin them self down to china level!!!!

  6. WHO is a money grabbing greedy organization THAT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH. They only CARE IF THEIR WALLET ARE HEALTHY, NOT YOU !!!!!!

  7. Asking USA for money??? This guy is nuts. For all what you did u don’t think about it. Ask for money from China


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