Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. From WHO press office – WHO just completed a comprehensive exhaustive internal investigation leaving no stone unturned and have exonerated themselves from any wrongdoing and any liability of this pandemic. And to demonstrate CCP’s absolute transparency, the WHO was given full access to labs in Wuhan and through yet another thorough investigation, have declared the CCP virus did not originate inside China clearing the CCP of all accusations over a coverup. The fact that there are hundreds of brand new BMW’s, Cadillacs and Mercedes at the WHO headquarters parking lot is totally unrelated to these findings.

  2. Wow. The WHO is as worthless as tits on a boar. I’m so happy that Trump is going to defund these corrupt parasites. I bet they love getting that Chinese money.

  3. WHO’s only source of power is its international reputation, and this is grounded in science, honest and fearless communication, and integrity. These have been weakened by its political decision to appease the CCP by failure to immediately and vigorously denounce lack of access, cooperation and transparency. WHO didn’t make this mistake in 2003 when CCP covered up SARS1 outbreak, and after 2-3 weeks of public shaming, Beijing stopped lying and began to fully cooperate. Result: containment.
    Result now with appeasement: worldwide catastrophe + loss of funding from biggest WHO donor.

  4. Puppets of China lol
    You’re a disgraceful organization.. you failed the world by stalling on your decision to recognize Covid as a global pandemic.
    Healthy people don’t need vaccinations.
    A lot less people would have died if you took the stand to call a health crisis sooner.
    You failed..

  5. Since they being paid by China to cover-up the virus, it’s necessary for them to make believe the outbreak 🙄

  6. WHO is to blame for a horrible job and the leaders should resign. When Taiwan wanted to warn the world WHO did not care and thousands of people around the world died.

  7. Fuck y’all W.H.O and to the chinese gov you guys are all fucking terorist! You spread the wrong info to the world! We dnt knw the whole fucking truth you motherfuckers

  8. Does not seem like ay storm in ah T cup,,,if it is radioactive from churnobyl pollen slowly escalating and accumalating enviromental hedgemony then there is little to be done,,,,,hope my guess is wrong,,,,if oym correct there will be no survivors without mutation,,,,oy hav noticed that when iodine is dabbed on skin it vanishes in short hours,,too much iodine or defieciency induces goitar,,,,,all those sanitizers cant be wrong so splash yur T or coffee with liquor,,,,isoflavone soya protein powder contains 2chems “danzein and genzeine”which are listed as tumour ceasing and tumeric listed with piperine for shrinking tumours and whitecap mushrooms as having chems which hinder tumour development,,,,as with mutations or cell cancyrs oy dont think we should acquit B17 himalayan apricot kernals or laetrille as useless as they are listed for killing cancyr or mutated cells and 1 or 2 kernals swallowed whole every few days is relatively safe but sorry the risk is yurs,,,,also if oym correct ay radioactive virus at threshold levels would induce flu and cold symtoms as it would attack immunity through DNA and by logic would incessently work to manifest all illness in any individual over ongoing time ,,,,ay fall out relative to air,water, and related substance,,,,,phone the injuns as them to do ay wind dance to the great spirit,,,,,,if kidney stones develop like ay urinary tract infection ,,,vinegar might work better than lemon juice and pollish yur pennies with coke cola pepsi whatever,,,,develope yur own golden spiced popcorn ,,,,thats my 2cents and oy hope oym wrong about the virus been radioactive based,,,all the best signed yur frend bimbo*

  9. 🐻 Please Be Honest and Independent Sir WHO 🎱 ട്രൂപ്പ്ജീള്ളറ്റഎ 🌍 പ്പല്ലട്ട്പ്പെ 💗 പ്പെട്ടത് 🐻 🌱🍇🌱🍎🌱🥥🌱🍑🌱🍊🌱🐻

  10. Let’s start a new who. I don’t want one that China Controls. As for the China clown that sold out lock him up.

  11. If anyone one of u think a little about mankind then it woñ’t happena think u all have to die one day..

  12. Funny how UK doctors in may are publishing about Kawasaki and thrombotic problems in patients… U telling me they didn’t see this in china in Feb? They did, but their doctors were silenced from sharing facts!!!

  13. Measles. Ugh!!!! Just look at what the world looked like in the 70’s and how it looked at the measles, in a show called ‘The Brady Bunch’. It was no big deal having it. All you needed was rest and time at home. The WHO, GAVI, CHAI & other unified organizations that are wanting to deplete humans. Look at the Georgia Guidestones. All these organizations are evil. Do not take their vaccines or anything else that they will offer you.
    Seek the truth & God bless you

  14. No wonder Tabacco industry prevailed so much with this people leading health … now is corona… i am desgusted by WHO … taiwan is the proof they are a bunch corupted people !


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