Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. i think arabian bees have immunetits against covid 19 should be cheked in the laboratory this simple idea of mine spread to everyone alhamdullillah

  2. The World Health Organization is supposed to break the relationship with you all over the world .. Al-Shameem International Organization🇸🇦🇸🇦

  3. China is earning billions of dollars by selling low quality medical equipments, mask ,epp kits, thermometer etc. And WHO is getting billions of dollars donations for covid- 19. Both are responsible for spread of corona virus for the same reason Money . Thank you all world for making this covid mafia strong and powerful.

  4. WHO are nothing but liars and frauds. They were caught sterilizing girls in Kenya with Tetanus vaccinations a few years ago. Lucky for them, my wife didn’t trust them and refused but some of her friends did and suffer for it. Covid is a cover for a number of agendas, all of which ends with only a very small world population left in 10yrs.

  5. Madam and sir, please find a vaccine as soon as possible. We need your action not only the voices that we have been listening for 8 months as always the same topic. WE NEED A VACCINE; and will be back to normal……

  6. Dr Tedros seems like you’re protecting Bill Gates interest 🤮, and not the people’s health 😖, Russia just announced they have the vaccine , and it will be free for everyone , and you’re saying there’s no vaccine , and never will be ,

  7. I can see in your eyes…. That ur making people fool and scared. be noted when one day the great problem will come in your life then u will realize and cry how evil deeds u guys have deed….

  8. You are huge liars and inhumans !!! Let the World in peace !! Covid19 is a hoax ! . ¡Sois unos mentirosos e inhumanos, dejen al mundo en paz, Covid19 es una auténtica FARSA! para muchos otros fines, ni siquiera se ha demostrado científicamente que el supuesto SARS-COV2 exista en humanos.

  9. In min.5 Tedro says: « there isn’t and there not might be silver bullet» for Covid19. Clear: everything is a lie and a PLAN. En min.5 « No hay y no habrá cura» para Covid. Claro porque todo es una farsa y un plan para otros fines.

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  11. WHO CHINA did nothing wrong at all
    TAIWAN does not exist
    USA must give us money even if we do a shit job
    HONG KONG will be moved to the does not exist list soon
    Basically CHINA tells us what to say

  12. In my opinion, “self isolation” & “social distancing” in an enclosed environment without air purification, is not an absolute guaranteed in preventing the spread of the virus.
    Equally, the step taken by certain shops in the use of erected plastic shields between the public & the service providers, is a gimmick in view of the physical & biological aspect of the surrounding air.
    The above two concerns of mine requires consideration, if assurance of absolute protection from the spread of the virus is to be contended with.


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