Polis on Coloradans’ fight against COVID-19: “This is crunch time, folks.”


Gov. Jared Polis said Thursday it was “crunch time” in Colorado’s fight against COVID-19 and keeping case numbers from rising, as they are in neighboring states like Arizona and Utah.


  1. Someone needs to get a reign on this guy. The cure has become far worse than the problem – we cannot continue to live like this until we have a vaccine. He tries to play “nice guy” during these press conferences, but in reality he’s a tyrant who loves using his power to control whoever he can.

  2. sorry you need to tell the truth mask hurt you so why do you kept this up and if you do not stop then we will get 500.000.00 of us and we will fire you this is against our constitution if people wont to get together then they can nothing you or your cops can do about it ok and its only 5g virus not what you say get it right or dont talk no more. cover up for the Antichrist worker so they dont get blamed for killing everybudy that why you know about the second wave coming

  3. good for them kids they can do that. are you people that brainwash that your eye and ears tell you the truth not some man or woman words they are all liars

  4. sorry we will live the way we wont you have no authority over us we the people let you stay there for now dont ever forget that

  5. sorry people its called real hard research learn it and wake up to what the whole Antichrist system really is and the vatican pope remember satan arises from there the pope has all power over the world research it and the BIBLE

  6. But what about all of the out of state visitors that are ignoring the guidelines. Not wearing masks and respecting our personal space. Make masks MANDATORY in our State in Public Places Governor Polis!!!


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