President Trump and The First Lady Receive a Briefing on the 2020 Hurricane Season


The White House


  1. *TRUMP 2020*
    China is well on the way to rule the world and with former treasonous Governments’ help china now own America. There is nothing to stop china unleashing and sending another virus anytime they choose. No one before Trump was protecting America only their pockets.

  2. What a freakin,Hoax! A lab created influenza virus! Masks,are useless, ! But not for depriving you,of fresh,oxygen! Oxygen makes your brain function! Fausi, is a fraud ! I can’t breathe. ! 💕🦉I am a Visitor. L.A.🇺🇸

  3. 感染対策をした上で、日常生活をして経済を回す事が遅れれば、
    日本政府 小池 橋下 朝鮮総連 とが極秘で
    デフレであるにもかかわらず2度の消費増税 コロナでも下げる気全くなし
    即ち日本経済は全く上げる気なし 補正予算も形だけ300兆円の中身は5兆円の真水 
    日本人は洗脳されやすい 頭のいい素直な馬鹿なのだ
    だから言っている 今すぐ日本政府を抑えろ日本人の敵だ

  4. I live in Houston harvey gave me ptsd with tornados and severe weather warnings i get so scared seeing weather alerts uugh I don’t look forward to hurricane season this year at all

  5. 私は最初のクリントンとの選挙からの登場でトランプ大統領が最後の救世主だと信じる一人だった

  6. Trump is the only president to have become dumber and more morbidly obese in the years he became president, other ameican president’s have maintained their physiques and served their country much better. #trumpsKKKadministration

  7. What Fema is saying that they should be fully funded but ……..but we hope that we don’t have to spend any of the money we have, toward disasters of any type.

  8. President Trump is aligning up the government administrations that come after his ruling administration to be able to have the ability to have a budget and how to go about making a budget.

  9. Open up our country and bring those who created the virus and planned the whole money making vaccine plan to justice. The whole country of China did not create this problem. It was most likely money hungry psychos… some Chinese and some not… this was obviously planned out. Mother Nature had nothing to do with this freak show.

  10. We will now know how true Covid 19 really is. Keep an eye on status reports where there’s mass looting, arsonists and riots are at. If Minnesota doesn’t go way up in statistics after mass crowds then we’ll know

  11. I remember great castratofes against deaths I did campaigns warning would happen super viruses bacteria gas gasoline worst hitler no God Hitle without r God Bible God Kame toten ku shir arimoto Anderson God Indian samsara all religions predicted but castratofes by films history super viruses coming meteors castratofes magnetism Brazil land has weakened. One of the worst catrastofes made of seas of effect storms everything in documented scientific studies. I need to prevent catratrophes. Neead President Andrrson Army.

  12. Isn’t me? But our President is always at WORK!! Thank you Mr. President for your Care and Diligence, you are true patriot and real American President! You’re the greatest Commander in Chief our country has had.

  13. Just be cautious of those whose been trying to control the weather to make it worse than it naturally would be.

  14. We’re supposed to have an active hurricane season, and we’re also behaving as though COVID-19 is history. It isn’t. We’re in for a very rough time, and I hope the governors whose states are affected don’t once more find aid to their people tied to whether or not they kiss Trump’s ass. Our citizens all deserve better than a president who thinks it’s all about him.

  15. President Trump is the best President in the world, thank you very much. all of Austria loves them God protect her and her family

  16. I would gladly take any other Republican in history rather than this moron for another four years. God help us all. Biden 2020

  17. Great job President Trump.but if we have a bad hurricane season with any destruction the nut bag dems will blame you.F em Sir Trump 2020,Pence 2024

  18. Again… There is a lady screaming at the Press for them to get the hell out. Where is the respect in the discipline friendly people?

  19. Yeah, right in the middle of the Coronavirus and the 100,000 dead bodies, hurricanes are gonna come and blow buildings, houses, barns and water towers down, ripping up trees, putting out power stations, causing a tsunami and sucking everything out to sea and Trump will blame it on Obama.

  20. Are we up to 10 miles of new wall yet? Only 1000 to go. Unless they climb over it, saw through it, or it falls down. Promises made!

  21. It’s gonna rain with strong winds. Why can’t he just watch the Weather Channel? Just another dumbass photo op.

  22. So science man! How are you holding up with all your poor decision making! Unbelievably unbearable to see how you manage our country. Give that chair up before we implode.

  23. Hossin 🤭🤯Ombaba did nothing in 8 years other than suport terrorists, and taking 50 of his wife family twice to Hawaii


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