President Trump Delivers an Address to Young Americans


Phoenix, AZ


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  2. 🇺🇸🌟✨🙏💞🎉🇺🇸🎉🙏💞✨🇺🇸
    *Hi President Trump, God sure did choose wisely the most gusty, fearless big heart strong man so smart. Stand tall and walk with pride. YOU SHINE AND GOD WALKS WITH YOU.GOD KNOWS YOU WILL GET THE JOB DONE!*

  3. dear president i wish ur country best to be stronger than ever before but sadly its hard to belive while im watching looters and other animal acts on WSHH LMAO!!

  4. The people’s president he cares he loves the people and his country something the Democrats are nothing about they are making that very clear daily!! Trump 2020 👍❤

  5. God Bless Donald J. Trump. May he be kept from wicked and unreasonable men. He’s kept by the Power of God.

  6. This is a highly energized rally. The speeches are very touching and straight from the heart. But the media did not cover it. Only Fox covered this.

  7. …..lets be honest to ourselves,…there is no other leader on this planet who can hit the audience this heard with a speech. Trump is Brilliant!

  8. Can’t wait until 3 November and this sweaty bloated moron gets voted out! He only leads the polls for Whites without university education – and that’s no surprise.

  9. In the farside of Southside Bethlehem is hellertown and I’m lining in a tent. I had no energy on my phone to call lanta bus and make a complaint that a bus driverjust left me at a bus stop acting like he didn’t see me. The biggest part was the old lady that was at home right at the bus stop did she wouldn’t call nor could I use the phone and the mid aged lady just ignored me talking to the old lady when I was telling her that bus just ignored me because I wasn’t right at thestop but that I was waving the bus when he was at the light. She told me no and to call when I got home and when I told her I didn’t have a home (I didn’t get to thepart of charging at my storage unit) she said get a friend. In between I asked if she was a Democrat and she said its not about that. That I need to go out there and get a lifeand friend. That’s how that room landlord was acting. You think YOU’RE the only ones being followed? Like telling me to go out and walk when I asked her about any restaurants that did breakfast, nearby. She was that Trump hater landlord#3 or five (suspected), that I beeb telling TrumpYouTube about. I have to see soon if I can go back to that one.

  10. Pride in America and our founding fathers
    One great Nation under God. Let’s not the liberals destroy our country

  11. 🙏🇺🇲👍 Mr President thanks for the great work and your administration and I’m with you 100% 🙏🇺🇲👍😎

  12. Would love to see how CNN turn this speech into something it was not so sick of them calling the best President America has ever had as divisive, no he is just standing up to lawlessness immaterial who the perpetrators are

  13. 川普说:



  14. Thank You also @LeeGreenwood for writing and singing a FANTASTIC version for Canada!!!! We LOVE YOU in Canada! ❤🇨🇦❤💣👏👍🙏


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