President Trump Delivers Remarks and Signs an Executive Order on Safe Policing for Safe Communities


The White House


  1. the Republican party is all traitors they don’t want you McConnell is waiting for November when you lose be hard on the Republicans demand jobs laws infrastructure

  2. Donald I don’t believe in being a Republican and I don’t like McConnell he’s tricky very make it so that the house of representatives is taken by Republicans the Senate is taken by Democrats you know that yourself

  3. Good man! Accountability + Executive order = Ongoing investigations! Law and Order and Civility enforced!!! Both sides! Including Mental health! Officers too! Anger betrays a lack of discipline……you expect this from all! Control….and training! And accountability! 30 days for a dirty UA. Just fired…to be rehired. For corrupt law enforcement! Judges afraid to do the right thing? Some have multiple issues…WHY haven’t you noticed? Judges! There tits are in the wringer too! And if they can’t see that….or control it….indeed arrest. Seems to roll off there backs…… they don’t have the time. Many issues to resolve…..this is a good step forward! Who watches….the watchers! It’s an old problem……not a new one! Do you see? Blind lady of justice! Listen! They are not plugged. The eyes are blind when the mind can’t see!

  4. Trumps idea for reducing police misconduct complaints – Have american citizens all sign waivers saying police can’t be held accountable for putting peoples lives in danger. Why not? It works for Trump

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  6. Thank you, President Trump. I have a high respect to our police officers. They do not make enough money for this dangerous and tough job.

  7. President Trump are really in support of “good” police officers????? EVERYONE, by now, knows about Rayshard Brooks being shot twice, and, subsequently, dying; however, NOT EVERYONE knows all of the facts or is willing to consider all of the facts! As to the authentic video posted and covered by Fox News reporter Tucker Carlson on June 17, 2020, APD Officer Garret Rolfe legitimately shot Rayshard Brooks for pointing one (1) of the two (2) officers’ taser at Officer Rolfe, and, subsequently, firing said taser! Therefore, the shooting was absolutely justifiable; however, because of strong political RACISM, within the local community and local Government, ABD Officer Garret Rolfe was charged with several Felony counts; and this included MURDER, which carries THE DEATH PENALTY! As for the Attorney represting APD Officer Garrett Rolfe, while being interviewed (posted online), said Attorney argues there is sufficient EVIDENCE showing the shooting was justifiable! Will there be a untainted Jury to acquit; or will there be a tainted and biased Jury that will sent an obviously innocent police officer to his DEATH????????

  8. It’s funny how they actually make him sound as if he can form a full sentence with out repeating him self. Hahaha what a joke of a president!!

  9. In Barcelona is the financial Center of Open Society, for grupos antifa in the world and the director is Jordi Vaquer, this man financial in th world 500 millones € for desestabilizer societys and gobernment..
    TRUMP 2020..🥰

  10. Book of Mark. Actually it was John Mark….but there were already….plenty of Johns. Mark is actually a Roman word for…War! So it was also the first book of this new……yashua thing…Jesus miracle worker story’s. A pamphlet for Hard Times! Early versions….on copper. Shortest book! Just the basics! To “Get the WORD out”. In a time of persecution and Roman Law. Early Christians and Jews had some very rough times! A favored victim in the arenas! They would gather….in frightened groups! Praying to there Jewish god… was humorous at first…but began to be seen as great courage. It secretly begins to change everything! Mark. A pamphlet for hard times! Matthew has a more thoughtful version..scribbed. Luke was a doctors…or a more historic..with Acts of the apostles…a even more historic version then the first two. And John. John was written later…in retrospect…to fill in the gaps! That Jesus was very human. Not an illusion…or some kind of glowing entity! John is my favorite. If not for johns version. You might have thought Jesus had only been to Jerusalem to get crucified. Indeed…John mentions several visits. And mostly… Jesus pointed to his father. Everything comes from OUR father! See?

  11. ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏2020 President Trump and good Republicans Shame on you evil mola Obama evil loser Democrats

  12. Protect our police from political and media attacks. Also if our President Trump doesn’t win in November then we know that the demonrats are pure evil and cheating bastards.

  13. The Boss setting down some much needed ground rules in support of our Police Force. NO defund of our Police . I will not kneel to anyone except God.

  14. Trump better prosecute China for murdering our people here in America first bet he hasn’t done nothing about that

  15. Dear President Trump,
    Our Police Force need better safety equipment for themselves so they aren’t so vulnerable to the criminals. Thank you sir!


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