President Trump Delivers Remarks on Supporting Our Nation’s Small Businesses


The White House

President Trump Delivers Remarks on Supporting Our Nation’s Small Businesses Through the Paycheck Protection Program


  1. es ist einiges so traurig was hier 2020 geschieht…menschlich gesehen; ich wünsche mir zum wohler aller Menschen, Tiere und Natur einen guten Ausgang, Gott schütze Sie <3

  2. Where would we be w/o You all at JUDICIAL WATCH??? Now what’s been bothering us for 4 years is WHEN WILL THEY ALL BE ARRESTED? We can’t even get one Charged, made to Post Bail ??? I think the POTUS needs to really CLEAN HOUSE, Remove all the Holdovers who still act on behalf of the BHO-Admin — ALL the Agencies, and they’re the most Powerful, able to inflict a lot of harm, are still in the Coup-Plotting Mode. It appears as though a “Soft” Coup is in place and acting on their own

  3. US sent SA money for helping with Covid19. It’s okay, more for ANC to pocket. White people are starving in SA. I know, because I’m one of them.

  4. otcool= human body and mind are complex= evidence have suggested that there are many ways defeat COVID 19 BUT FOLLOW THE SCIENTICFIC EVIDECE = TALK TO YOUR Dr. = thank you Dr.

  5. hotcool = god(s) speed = delayed gratification through scientific way of life =sometimes no pain no gain =just smile= thank you Dr.

  6. Before this is over….Loans to SB’s thru the Paycheck Protection Program will become the greatest scandal and rip-off of American Taxpayers in history.

  7. Press: MSM can you shake off your infantile projections and look at deaths per 1 MILL people world wide. In Europe our numbers are 3 – 5 times higher. And the US is doing more testing than any of the others at present. Is that a problem? Are you sorry that the numbers are better than could have been the case? I and many like me stopped believing in corporate media a long time ago. You have a way to attract intense hostility where none existed before. Good job Mr President for keeping sane and cool under the fire of sheer banality and miopic questioning.

  8. He keeps mentioning our governor, the best governor there is in America, Mr desantis. Its a man after his own heart…did you guys see them together, it was like two twin brothers.
    Desantis/Owens 2024. I know, shes cute, but seriously, when shes all grown up she’s a pretty little black margret thatcher…or more!


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