President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure


The White House


  1. _An act of war. Yet certain American politicians are apologising to china and blaming Trump? We already know China deliberately released the Wuhan virus that has already killed 86,000 Americans and many are suffering horrendously the consequences, trashing the economy and lifestyle, china took-back critical medical supplies out of America to china. Doing business with your godless enemy is fraught with danger, what happens when china send the next virus. America must exit-china now. period and stop selling American land to communist china. We already know that china’s Wuhan virus was deliberately spread to 200 countries by china who sent planes around the world carrying their virus, yet china contemporaneously locked-down internally and blocked all domestic flights to stop their virus spreading in china and to hell with the world._

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  3. THE SNAKE LYRIC – Al Wilson
    On her way to work one morning
    Down the path along side the lake
    A tender hearted woman saw a poor (“”half frozen snake

    She clutched him to her bosom, You’re so beautiful she cried
    But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you might have died.
    She stroked his pretty skin again and kissed and held him tight
    Instead of saying thanks, the snake gave her a vicious bite
    You’ve bitten me, but why?
    You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”
    Oh shut up, silly woman, said the (“”reptile with a grin””)
    You knew damn well “”I WAS A SNAKE”” before you took me in.
    HALF FROZEN = 666.
    HALF FROZEN – Donald John Trump = 1776.

    EYE of 1776 “”HALF LIZARD”” = 1776.

    The snake is not illegal immigrants. The snake is TRUMP 😉

  4. America ki Killed 10 million muslim iRaQ ,Afgan Now America goto histery Same Jurasic Photo frime 😁😁😁😂

  5. How many other Presidents just rudely turn and walk off while reporters are asking legit questions?? If they would turn off all that damn outside noise then Trump would be able to hear every questions. How would he like it if he was giving a rally, or State of the Union speech, and the whole crowd just got up and walked away?? He really needs quit acting like a childish bully. I bet he never walked away when his rich daddy was asking him a question.

  6. People have no longer fear from Conflu outbreak…. hydroxy chloroquine can treat the symptoms and people naturally develop immunity to the conflu. Vaccines doesn’t really needed since its treatable and people develop their own vaccine with their own immune syatem!

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  7. Dear Mr Trump. I would lock into Cheyenne mountain incl. Family and release the truth about extratterestials we will protect you don’t worry!

  8. Trump has continually remarked in defense of his disastrous mismanagement of this pandemic that no-one could have foreseen it coming. Yet yesterday he stood alongside press secretary McEnany while she informed the media that:

    “I just wanted to outline our pandemic preparedness. The Obama-Biden plan that has been referenced was insufficient; it wasn’t going to work. So what our administration did, under the leadership of President Trump, is do an entire 2018 Pandemic Preparedness Report. Beyond that, we did a whole exercise on pandemic preparedness in August of last year and had an entire after-action report put together. In other words, the Obama-Biden paper packet was superseded by a President Trump-style Pandemic Preparedness Response plan.”

    Absolutely right Mr President – no-one knew this was coming! Except YOU!!!

  9. God Bless you and your family and thank you for
    Raising the voice for me.
    Please keep on going
    Do not stop cleaning the

  10. The Democratic Party of the United States and the Communist Party of China are the most similar parties. Their difference is that the former behaves like a clown, constantly making troubles—failure—and making trouble again—and losing again; The latter has been winning all the time, and its influence has penetrated into all areas of the United States, especially education, media, finance, technology, and film and television … If there is no Trump, they have won.

  11. We need to investigate ALL CCP VIRUS deaths in the USA and give people the TRUE data about age and co morbidities! Otherwise people will not have the REAL facts!

  12. “Is there a succession plan in case…” yeah, it’s in the Constitution. Duh. Try reading once and a while Press!

  13. While China’s president Xi Jinping was signing the new trade agreement with President Trump on January 15, he ALREADY KNEW what was going on re: Covid19.
    Jinping knew China was suppressing information on the seriousness of the virus and it’s transmissability among humans.
    On January 1st, his own government was already arresting, shutting up, and disappearing at least eight of their own conscientious doctors who were trying to get the word out to the world.
    China is not our friend.

  14. He loves to yell over noisy chopper so his nauseating rumble is more difficult to recognize as a fit of a crazy man. Even crazier and unscrupulous are the people with him. They know he is mental but support him for financial and power gain. Disgusting..


  16. Lieber Mister Präsident Trump..sorry..ich kann kein Englisch..ich möchte mich bei ihnen herzlich bedanken.. für ihren Mut..ihre Wahrhaftigkeit..ihre Menschlichkeit..und ihre Stärken.. Gott schütze sie und die Menschenfamilie ⚫⚪♥️🇺🇸🐰👋👋👋👋Q


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