President Trump Holds a Press Conference


The White House


  1. Donald J Trump —–>> Satanic Idol Shepherd = 1776.
    One dark eye king = 666.
    One dark eye king – 45th president = 1776.

    Idol Shepherd Lucifer = 666.
    Idol Shepherd Lucifer – One dark eye = 1776.
    Donald Trump is The Idol Shepherd/Beast!. OH YES HE IS. You don`t see?. “””You are blind & Deceived”” 🙂 Truth!.

  2. Where is your “””Knowledge””” people?. Where is it?. Find it 🙂 And open your “”Eyes””” 😉

  3. Ilegal, i really no understand what those word mean, on the egreement write or un wroten, part of peace Liberty, who can save can accept fix for the human right give from God, you have a role.

  4. The world should give a big thanks to the Chinese communist party leader chairman Xi, he made a big decision to control the coronavirus and save millions of lives 🇨🇳.He is a hero,not a murder!

  5. Whats the deal with Bidens immigration plans. Basically bring everyone in and we will pay them to be here. They should be low skilled and have sanctuaries cities were ever they like and no one can touch them. They have free legal and tax payer funded health care. They will be insured the max of welfare. And then Don’t allow american kids to have a choice of schools and abolish charter schools in POOR neighborhoods. Build the projects in the suburbs. Illegals if in trouble they get “minimum” jail sentences while also closing prisons. Seems very backwards….ALL THE GOOD STUFF UNLIMITED MEASURES FOR ILLEGALS AND BAD STUFF LIMITS ON AMERICANS in a nutshell.

    This is scary and sounds a lot like what they are doing now and this is based on mob rule. Imagine if they actually had presidential powers….we would be doomed. Immigrants would be happy but not for long …because there would be no law and order. Talk about slum 3rd world conditions. That’s the Biden leftist marxist communistic socialist World run by AOC(bartender fraud puppet being used) and Bernie. Pray the enemy does not get in office via mail in ballot cheating

  6. I had a lot a lot of people come to me and tell me how beautiful Trump’s balls are. I love my president’s balls.

  7. By the Grace of Almighty God, under President Trump’s great leadership, America will BOUNCE BACK BETTER THAN EVER….. HALELLUYAH !

  8. if Biden gets in we will have received refutable confirmation that we have become fully engaged in The Tribulation

  9. the USA supply chain should be 90% in the united states and 10% in other countries collectively because who’s to say there could be a problem in another country like in China if the US divide it’s supply chain with other countries.

  10. Joe Biden has a communist party mindset in my opinion he wants the united state to have the old Soviet Union image

  11. This was a wonderful, concise, simple, honest explanation of Trump’s views and policies and ideas on how a country should be run.

  12. My best president ever. Donald Trump 2020.🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️

  13. @GOP & @realDonaldTrump are now the #1 Serial Killers of American Citizens and Military. Their IGNORANCE, INCOMPETENCE, and ARROGANCE has helped MURDER 135,000+ American Lives and now he has a deal to MURDER U.S. Soldiers for his boss PUTIN.

  14. Did I catch that right? ILLEGAL ALIENS? 😩😂 is this a nickname for immigrants? or genuine aliens? Help I’m confused 😂 👽

  15. :36
    President Trump ‘It’s not too hot but it’s pretty warm. At the end maybe will take questions if it’s not too hot’ Reporters are seated in the hot sun, faces buried in their masks. Meanwhile, Trump is standing in the shade. Our stable genius lol

  16. The attack on Hong Kong is the same as the attack on President Trump and the American citizenry,—communism taking over our individual liberty and our free market.

  17. You “bend” too much to these lying bastards President Trump. The death rate is lower than the Flu. Tell them to “Pack Sand!!!”. We have the education now and are not children in need of a government baby sitter over a Flu, (or anything else). “Duck and Cover”, what great guidelines outside of reality that was. Get these dictators out of our lives!!! Please.

  18. I will trust my own immune system. When they find a vaccine for 35 year old aids, then I can give them some credibility. Stick it!

  19. These leftists are now being fully exposed how much underhanded dealings with the CHINESE COMMUNIST they have made all while they got rich and the United States was being pillaged including American industry and ultimately JOBS , jobs that made American middle-class,
    thank God for our great unstoppable is president Trump having the insight to see it, and STOP it, the Chinese communist and the Democrats are one in the SAME..

  20. Biden Bernie are evilness personified, treasonous bastards. Anyone who votes for them are mentally ill.

  21. God Bless Trump!!
    … is a novel idea … TREAT THE GD DISEASE IN EVERY SINGLE COVID POSITIVE PATIENT and start Tx early!! WTH?! NONE of this is rocket science.
    Einstein was correct as relates to the 2 things that are infinite. His statement applies to the CDC NIH and the other GD nitwits who decided that not treating covid was anything but a profoundly poor idea. The level of stupidity is absolutely unbelievable.
    Stop whining and pissing about China and resolve covid for Christ’s sake!!
    The agents needed are already on the shelf(Rx and OTC) and not real pricey.
    OOPS!! Did I say they are inexpensive? Sorry …no profane profits so why use them ?

  22. I pray to the Lord, as a devout Christian, and a patriotic American, that this manchild gets put in our rear view mirror this election.

  23. From what I can see in this video there is a NEW Trump in front of us, I don’t know what is happened but it seems a LOT stronger than it was a couple of weeks before and this is VERY VERY GOOD for us ALL!

    Mr. Trump is the politician nonpolitician of our time in decades BY FAR, the DUER not a TALKER.

    Who is not supporting the actual POTUS don’t love the United States of America, they simply don’t understand how much LUCK they are to have such person fighting for tham.

    After what I heard her that the DEMs are grouping and willing to promote I’m pretty sure that DEMs can stand for DEMENTIA, the proposal of the J. Biden are ANTI AMERICAN even for me here in Europe that I’m not USA citizen.

    All the world needs Mr. Donald Trump because even if he works for the USA, as it must be, he is teaching the way of ruling all over the world.

    We are all living in a very particular time where history is made where the main actor is the POTUS, a dude that will be remembered as one of the greatest results of humanity.

    Mr. Trump is a lion if you know about the Starseed theory while the others are the reptiles that are going to lose the grip on this world thanks to the BOLDEST feline of our time.

    I’ll follow Donal in hell not because I’m crazy and eat propaganda but because he is talking of so basic logical things that must be solved that is IMPOSSIBLE not to be with him.

    What is happening today is arguing about if 1+1=2, it is OBVIOUS that a country needs to have borders, it’s obvious that you can’t enter without a VISA in ANY country, it’s obvious that you like to walk on the streets safe, it is obvious that we need to remember those who made great things for us in the past, it is a time to define that 1+1=2 FOREVER and go to something new like dose 2+2=4 ????

    I’m fighting for Trump where I live, I lost some friends because they think that I’m eating shit from the propaganda while in fact, the things that Trump talk about are the very basic of what any community needs to be able to function as a civilized community.

    Trump can be whatever he is and the media can paint whatever picture of him they like but the core of that man is so GOOD and SINCERE that is shining even outside his skin, a great dude of our time.

    Thank you Mr. Trump 😉

  24. The USA has now become the anti democratic cesspool of the world, with the stupidest in the White House you could find!

  25. Tomorrow… TRUMP boat parade, Crystal River, FL (Citrus County). 🏝🚤🛥🛶 Videos to come Sir! TY for ALL you do. #wwg1wga❤ 🇺🇸🙏🏼

  26. If the oval office have eyes that can see. Every time president Trump enter the oval office, the office will close it’s eyes for the shame and humiliation that president Trump brought to the office. Every one that stand with Trump disrespect the office, failed the United States of America constitutional, We The People, and most of all he lied to God. Lying to God alone should be impeachable. It should never be I, white or black or any isolated group of people. It should always be WE THE PEOPLE.

  27. God Bless you Mr President!! Please continue what you are doing!! America bring God back into your homes and hearts!! We need MORE of God not less!! God Bless you Mr President and God Bless the USA 🇺🇸

  28. Pay attention to 10;19 thru 1048. One of the most influential selling points of Barack Obama before his first term was on fixing the infrastructure of the country. The highways, the bridges, they needed repair. Did he do it? Apparently not to as many as Obama’s vice-president said. It also has to do with the ability to fix. You sometimes have to let the old go. Now, we may have to let that that was not fixed go.

  29. Mail in voting is fraudulent, we have it in the UK. The US should absolutely avoid it. I think he’s going to win big. Hope I’m right. Great guy, brilliant President.

  30. Существует 3 ступени развития общества и контроль над сознанием, не насильственный, достаточно,даже, то, что направленно против тебя- изменить и заставить работать на тебя, инфопмация-власть, 3 уровня- 1.- сбор информации, 2- фильтр, анализ, передача, подготовленным людям, 3- контроль, где участвуют мало людей- верх МИРА. Мне нужен Трамп, его команда и ДР.представители разных стран, только верх-это целесообразно, политика, экономика , развития общества хорошо ложится в эту МОДЕЛЬ, моя задача-менять этот мир, 15- лет- почти успешно,. нужен PERCY, меня понять можно!ко мне, сознанием присоединен МИР, 15 лет, я ещё жива!! Я уже не могу иначе, срок большой!

  31. Send 1/3 of China Trade to India. Let India know they earned the jobs by their good integrity. Dollar Store Stuff. Make more in USA. We don’t need China. Phase them down. We made them fat-we can reduce that.

  32. Bag that illegal Democratic Plan
    🌺🌺you need to educate doe doe democrat supporters on the rediculousness. Turn them Trump👍
    A lot of lower class dems don’t know

  33. Tell this to the NRA-great for gun sales. ****with Democrat plan well all be run out to buy guns!!!!

  34. Trump does not speak truthfully. All he does is pat himself on the back. We will be better off when he moves on.

  35. In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory term for a person perceived as propagandizing for a cause without fully comprehending the cause’s goals, and who is cynically used by the cause’s leaders.

  36. It’s all planned look GMO foods fluoride water chemtrails vaccine war abortion drugs alcohol cigs famines economic warfare mind control warfare BPA plastic 3g4g5g radio microwaves radiation etc. WAKEUP God is comming soon be ready for JesusChrist or die in your sins. Its depopulation agenda21 look it up

  37. Joe Biden is a disaster… everyone needs to read Peter Sweitzer’s book on Biden… the most corrupt politician ever. … other than Hillary…

  38. Mr.President, please say “we” instead of “I”. Give others credit, so they can’t call you a “. Narssicist”!

  39. I have to admit that I voted for Trump in 2016, but only because I thought he was better that Hilary, and of course I’ll never know if I was right or wrong. However, there is no way I can vote for him again, as he is incompetent, dishonest, not bright, definitely not up to the demands of the Presidency etc etc. Please do not vote for him – our nation has suffered enough since he became President – do we really want another four more years of having this jerk in Washington?


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