President Trump Meets with the CEO of Gilead, Daniel O’Day


The White House


  1. There are generic drugs that cost pennies that do exactly the same job as this drug. This is shameful.

  2. Lord some ppl just need to chill..
    Mr.Trump n his team knows what their doing …🇺🇸🙏💋🌤🧚‍♀️

  3. Resurrect dead 45 = 666.
    Resurrect dead 9 = 666.

    False Jesus 45 = 666.
    False Jesus 9 = 666.

    False Jew 45 = 666.
    False Jew 9 = 666.

    What? 😉 He he.

  4. One drug will not work for everyone! I had a prescription that put me in so much pain sometimes it took me 45 minutes just to get out of bed I was so sore!!! it worked fine for someone else I talked too.

  5. That is the End of America, and why, because adult People cannot go to Quarantinefor a few days, because People now have to Swim, Meet and continue to Infect. Sorry who is so Stupid should also Die from COVID-19

  6. you can read the reports of CIA in concerned with Tokyo situation Japan has hevy caous situation by korea agents and corona vierus,I guess,but I fight korea and Japan agents cooperated Nort and south Koria anymore China agents in Tokyo alone to guiad acknolegements and neighberhoods especially2or3years old kids against them alone,at Sekimachi town Japanese and korean agents steoll day and midnight everyday to make perfect infiltration operation in Tokyo,I think.I maybe be killed by forign evil agents,I guess,but,never give up, this is fate and my personal mission about to guird my ladies acknolegiments happiness.
    kosuke Otani

  7. Remdesivir costs $1000 per pill……….hydroxychloroquine oral tablet 200 mg is around $37 for a supply of 100 tablets 30 cents each.
    That’s 30 THOUSAND TIMES LESS than Fouci’s Remdesivir…. seems a little suspicious….fire that fuck

  8. BLESSED ARE THE TRUTH – the B2T show April 19, 2020 Part 6 – learn about D U M B – the Deep Underground Military Bases that lie hidden around the world . They could number as high as 10,000 and many are large cities stocked with food and supplies to last 100’s of years . Many believe that these people were planning World War 3 to kill most of the population off and the rest would be made Slaves of the Elite . These bases are protected by as many as 6 million foreign forces . Currently there is a huge underground war lead by US Military Forces going on . 1,000s of children have been rescued – many in poor shape – just a like a bag of skin and bones .

    HERE IN CANADA – on May 1, 2020 the Government announced it would be taking away 1500 models of guns that the 2.2 million legal gun owners could use to defend themselves ( Life or Limb) so it is very important that we follow the lead of America and listen to President Trump as the survival of our citizens is at stake . BE PREPARED IN GOD WE TRUST

  9. “We’ve turned this (HIV) into a really chronic disease and a preventable disease”?! LOL! Do people listen to the drivel that flows forth from these so-called “professionals”? They didn’t “turn” HIV into anything-its always been “chronic”-you never get rid of it until you die. And its ALWAYS been PREVENTABLE!!! Egads, the blatant ignorance is only exceeded by the gullibility of the public!

  10. China holds the patent on the drug Remdesivir, through an agreement with Gilead’s drug patent sharing subsidiary branch called UNITAID who has an office near Wuhan and you’ll never guess who are the main financial investors in UNITAID….none other than George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, and WHO.

  11. HCQ pennies per dose, 92% success rate. Been around 40 plus years. Works before ya need a ventilator. The other drug costs 1000 per dose and limits the virus in late stages. So, I’ll take HCQ first. Many have survived with HCQ and the z pack. Media says, nothing.

  12. Donald Trump – deceive first sealed “1985 KID” = 1776.

    Donald Trump – deceive sheep child “nr nine” = 1776. Remember YOU cant` 😉 Loser.

  13. Now thats a good dr sir that med cured to of my family members from hyp c i hope he heads the chronic hyp b cure that affects 30% of the world

  14. ,PRESIDENT TRUMP It is time to end this sick drama, Answer this Has Bill Gates,Debra Birx,Fauci,and Robert Redfield Been Arrested? Take THE GOLD FRINGE OFF OUR FLAG NOW. If you don’t you are hurting the US. God wants you to.

  15. when I was a National Diffence Academy student,USForce had strategy of Priventive War therefore you prepare countermesurecoronavierus and countermesure Far East happning problems solution for USA,namely 多方面対処 at the sametime,I recomend.The reason why to stopping infiltration operation perfectry and to getting win agaist coronavierus for guard USA nations people perfectly.
    kosuke Otani

  16. Per amore dell’America ti giro questa cura contro il Covid 19-
    Trump la cura c’è e da ottimi risultati.
    Una procedura già sperimentata e non da effetti collaterali!!!
    Il segreto è in una sacca giallo;
    è il plasma,
    cioè la parte liquida del sangue, proviene da persone guarite dal Covid 19.
    Il paziente guarito si mette a disposizione per donare il plasma, è un plasma iperimmune cioè ricco di anticorpi specifici e diretti contro il Coronavirus.
    L’Ospedale di Mantova e Pavia è pioniere di questa sperimentazione;
    il plasma raccolto viene purificato e diventa un vero e proprio farmaco, pronto per essere infuso in pazienti affetti da Covid 19
    con insufficienza respiratoria acuta.
    All’Ospedale di Mantova già molti pazienti gravi hanno ricevuto infusioni di plasma, tutti sono migliorati ed alcuni sono già guariti!
    Il plasma ha dato dei risultati sorprendenti e i miglioramenti sono immediati, cioè nel giro di poche ore.
    For the love of America I turn you this cure against Covid 19-
    Trump’s cure is there and gives excellent results.
    A procedure already tested and without side effects !!!
    The secret is in a yellow bag;
    is the plasma,
    i.e. the liquid part of the blood, it comes from people cured of Covid 19.
    The recovered patient makes himself available to donate the plasma, it is a hyperimmune plasma that is rich in specific antibodies and directed against the coronavirus.
    The Mantua and Pavia hospital is a pioneer of this experimentation;
    the collected plasma is purified and becomes a real drug, ready to be infused in patients with Covid 19
    with acute respiratory failure.
    At the Mantua Hospital, many serious patients have already received plasma infusions, all have improved and some have already healed!
    Plasma has given surprising results and the improvements are immediate, that is within a few hours.

    di Maurizio Spagna ©2020

  17. Anyone notice all the ads on TV etc promoting the mulit-use immune suppressing drugs?? How bout the “new drugs” for bi-polar? Sad.

  18. Isn’t Gilead the same company sued by the US government, stating  “Gilead has profited from research funded by hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Indeed, Gilead has reaped billions from PrEP . . . but has not paid any royalties to CDC.’’ and ” .. beginning with Food and Drug Administration approval of the prevention regimen in 2012, Gilead made billions of dollars marketing Truvada for PrEP, which is more than 96 percent effective at blocking the virus” But its high cost has been denounced by activists and members of Congress. The current price is about $20,000 a year for a single patient. the high cost, the government said in its complaint, “is a major reason that many at risk of HIV infection in the United States are not currently taking Truvada for PrEP.’’

  19. Maybe the remdesavir (sp?) Is just to shut up the MSM’s hatred of the word Hydroxychlouriquin. Either way, distribute an effective treatment and get the country open again. Back to work everybody, the recess bell has rung

  20. Does trump realize how fucking stupid he is????? That fuck had scalp surgery to “cure baldness” asshat is still fucking bald and has a rats nest for hair, he hasn’t seen his cock in three decades! His hands couldn’t grab a lime they are so small.

  21. The corrupt propaganda media will never give Pres Trump the credit on his work on HIV. Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels blushes with envy at the domestic corrupt media.

  22. Fire the people of the WHO enough of this they don’t support any effort to stop this virus! Good for GILEAD! May God bless these folk’s efforts.

  23. All you had to do was care for the people and you would’ve won.
    You can’t even see the iceberg ripping the hole in the side of your ship right now.
    Play on maestro! Play on!

  24. In January 2020 Wuhan Institute of Virology filed for a patent on Covid19. But there was a conflict. Gilead Pharmaceutical company had already filed a patent. Now. There’s a theory out there being spread by all the “wack job conspiracy theorist” that Bill Gates owns the patent on covid19. Is there even a link to Bill Gates and Gilead Pharma? You fucking bet there is. Clinical trials for the HIV medication Truvada were funded by The National Institutes of Health and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It took me 1 evening to dig all of this up all by myself. What I have to say next, I say with love. WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE.


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