President Trump Meets with the Governor of Iowa


The White House


  1. At least trump gives Americans hope people think he talks shit an is useless he the fucking man We have liars running the uk trump delivers

  2. COVID numbers are lies. People are being killed via vaccines, ventilators, pharmaceutical drugs aka medical murder.

  3. Was reading The art of the deal last night, great book.
    Stand up to chooooiiina and pissrael.
    USA sovereign bebeh!


  5. Our President is like a sponge : He absorbs everything. Instantly he saw talent in that doctor and hired her on the spot. Thank you , President! So much winning! Please, please, lQQk into California lock down. It’s tyranny out here.

  6. It’s refreshing to see some Governors bring real solutions to the table, encourage the citizens of positive news rather than others that only criticize and complain about the trouble their state is in and control people’s freedoms. Stark contrast in governing!

  7. The UNITED STATES is an EXEMPLE fo any other COUNTRY to follow.
    They have done EVERYTHING to PROTECT its CITIZENS with all that a GOOD PATRIOTIC LEADER could do in an EMERGENCY situation like that.

  8. God bless you, President Donald Trump, and all Patriots working on moving America onward and upward. ❤️🇺🇸

  9. Too bad the fake news has been pushing shortage shortage shortage so today there was no meat left on shelves 10 minutes after stores opened in our area. The lying media needs to be replaced with REAL, unbiased, responsible, researched, fact-based news.

  10. contact tracing is BULL…..SH**…..still learning but they want us to stand down and go broke… about learn to keep your mouth shut.!

  11. Why the hell does President Trump NOT INDICT FAUCI FOR CRIMES AGAINS AMERICA, IF NOT HUMANITY. I voted for you. Get rid of that uber-Nazi NOW.

  12. Iowa? What about Philadelphia? lol Is that because it’s run by a Republican? There have got to be more cases of the Corona Virus in Philadelphia than in Cedar Rapids! Come on! lol

  13. I’m not saying this chick from Iowa isn’t smart but what about Philadelphia!! We have University of Pennsylvania, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Temple University, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, etc.! The only reason they went to Iowa for crying out loud is because the Govenor is a Republican. How about the President come to Philadelphia where there are lots more people with the Corona Virus! Certainly there are some really intelligent doctors at Univ. of Penn which is an Ivy League school!

  14. Fuck All you tyrants trying to push contact tracing. Just remember contact tracing go both ways. WWG1WGA.

  15. 255

    24 minutes to z & 31 min 

    stop allowing peopel get so sick they get pneumonia is a mnstroc t 

    60 percent infected? meat processing plants workers?

    do they have paid sick leave


    do I want meet?

    are they given antibiotics 

    and they say to not give animals antibiotics?

    how they were doing that 

    do they test animals as well 

    cause obviously animals get infected from peoel and people get infected from animals

    does dr birds want that meet?


    some peopel want to infect everyone cause doctors can only benefit 

    if they open and infect lot of people so Dr Fauci say he advises against herd situation bt on LA times they says doctors want tp create herds


    240 K bi lions

  16. At the 8 min 48 second mark: What is the POTUS suggesting? Am I missing something here? Our reputation as a nation is already at all time low, so saving face shouldn’t be the goal. Saving lives should be the goal. Man made the economy, so man can pause and adjust the economy…on a global level…when a pandemic strikes. These aren’t easy negotiations, but for a supposed master of negotiations—-this should be in POTUS45’s proverbial wheelhouse. Anyhow, be safe out their people, and follow the expert advice straight from the CDC. Hopefully, testing will continue until we find a vaccine or an adequate treatment for this HIGHLY contagious and DEADLY virus. Be well, and good luck is a country wear safety precautions are only suggested for those feel like complying. Good luck…we need it.

  17. I live in Iowa and have tracked the numbers daily multiple times and suddenly the numbers skyrocket in the counties where the meat packing plants are and the surrounding counties. Early on these counties were low in the numbers except maybe one county. then “wham” it took off multiplying by the hundreds daily. Early on the counties with larger cities were growing faster than most. I thought it was suspicious in nature the way the numbers were growing in all the plants simultaneously. I am not a Dr or expert, but I did consider staying at a Holiday Inn recently.

  18. PRESIDENT TRUMP-Can’t you PLEASE PLEASE do something about Michigan governor Whitmer? There will be nothing left of Michigan if she’s allowed to continue! please help us.


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