President Trump Participates in a Commemoration of the 200th Mile of New Border Wall


San Luis, AZ


  1. For the first time I am more convinced Trump will lose the election. His comments on DACA is a stab in the back for his
    supporters. While his supporters were being viciously attacked simply for wearing a MAGA hat, or losing their jobs, removed/heavily sensored on social media, Trump did nothing for 4 years. As Antifa nearly killed his supporters, again Trump did
    nothing. Once again Trump made a commitment to classify Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization (remember his promise to classify the Muslim Brotherhood) nothing has been done. But people breaking the law that, Trump is ready to jump on with DACA. I will always be grateful for Trump’s sacrifices, especially those by the First Lady and Baron, but very sad and real shame he accomplished very little and the Country we love will be no more. Trump had a chance to save this Country and he refused to save it. Following the lead of that Jared, a dispicable human being, (like Jared’s felon father, like son), putting him in charge of everything while Jared attacked and diminished Trump supporters. Trump gets an “F” for hiring a team… whose objective was to push him to a George/Jeb Bush agenda or sabotage him. Because of Jared, Trump was impeached; would not have happened had he fought to keep Bannon. Who was going to fight for Trump? Pathetic weakling Jared? Trump fired Gen Flynn to rid himself of any discomfort/fight, instead leaving Trump vulnerable and exposed. Who was going to protect Trump instead? Jared? Why is George Soros still causing havoc? Because of Jared? Trump continues to do these knee jerk huge decisions like when he shut down the Country. Trump clearly did not think it through, did not get a formal paper from his administration detailing the implementations of closing the Country…very disorganized,
    and traumatically painful for the Country. I betcha Trump is going to ok money to failing States like New York! While Congress refused to give him 5 billion for the wall and safety of the Country! To only accomplish 200 miles in 4 years is a travesty. Says rx prices affordable, really? Could not implement a GOP health plan cause McConnell said “no”. What has the Senate accomplished? No one should go to these Trump’s rallies when he has failed to keep his supporters safe, look at Tulsa!
    Why hasn’t a WH committee established for 100 percent safety at these rallies? I betcha there is no (or a sloppy) plan for every district on
    election day… supporters will be intimidated, harassed or seriously harmed if they go vote, who will take that chance? Trump still has not truly understood the Patriots of this Country, they have shown
    they would rather stay home than vote for one whose betrayed America,
    i.e. McCain. Trump betrayed his supporters by allowing Jared, McConnell, and big donors control his presidency. Holding off on giving work visas is only til end of 2020 and consists only of about 50,000 immigrants, so multi billion companies can continue screwing America. Trump ran his Presidency only through Twitter, and Executive Orders. Breaks my heart.

  2. 완성을 축하합니다. 불체자들로인해 목숨 잃은 분들이 많고 나라도 위태로워져갔는데 진작에 이렇게 했어야 국민들이 안전했는데. 트럼프 대통령님 큰일 해내셨습니다!

  3. A very wise President to build border walls to protect American people. Is like houses need to be secured with locks in order to tempt people from committing crimes.

  4. NO DACA! Trump, if you pass DACA, you WILL be a one term President! NO DACA!

    American Citizens and American children first! No Dream Act! No DACA!

  5. 들어와서 개판치는 무리들은 언제 내보내실겁니까?
    2015년을 기점으로 난민 타이틀 달고 쳐들어온 자들을 전세계가 함께 다시 돌려 보냅시다!!!!!!
    인류 역사상 가장 불공평한 특별인종 우대정책 을 고칩시다!

  6. It’s not as strong as the Berlin Wall. First tornado and it’s game over.

    Oh, and another thing. Americans are going to starve (loose weight) without the labour force picking fruit and working the fields.

  7. This wall doesn’t work. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Though I do agree that Jobs should be for Americans first and that the border needs to be secure.

  8. The only way over that wall is by hot air balloon or hang glider. Interesting most of the time Trump’s Secret Service men wear sunglasses. I’m guessing that’s to disguise their faces a little.

  9. Just being observant.. The lady with the yellow jacket and the other lady with the red pants. Totally awkward and have the same shoes. Is there a wardrobe trailed near by?

  10. If Trump had not built the wall, the Kung Flu virus pandemic would have spread seriously across America and would have killed even more Americans than the current death toll. The massive influx of millions of Wuhan-virus-infected illegal immigrants from China and other countries around the world could have illegally crossed our southern border and reached all Democrats’ sanctuary cities in America, which could have quickly uncontrollably spread the Kung Flu virus infection across America. The wall does work! With an amazing visionary leadership, Trump is truly the greatest president in modern history.


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